Bead Wreath Ornament Craft for Kids

This is probably one of the most simple of all ornaments! If you are comfortable with your children handling small beads, then they can probably make this ornament. Add a bowl of beads, ribbon, and green chenille stems to the Kid’s Christmas Table, and they will stay busy crafting some wreaths for you to hang on the tree!

Here’s What You Will Need for each one:
1 Green Chenille Stem- I have made the mistake of getting a pack of slender ones. Stick with the old fashioned fuzzy kind.
13 or more Red Beads
4 inches of red Ribbon

Take one end of the chenille stem, and bend it over, making a small loop. Let kids slide 13 beads onto the stem. Take the pointed end of the stem, and insert it into the loop you made. Bend the pointed end over the loop to close the stem, and form a circle. Now, separate your beads to resemble berries on a wreath. Add a ribbon through your loop on the chenille stem. Tie a knot to secure the ribbon. If you like make a little read bow out of your ribbon, and add it to your wreath.


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