Bunny Treat Cups {Easter Craft and Party Idea}

Make these simple Bunny Treat Cups out of party treat cups for a fun Easter Craft and Party Idea. Kids will love getting Easter candy in these cute bunny cups. Come on in and I’ll share how to make this cute Easter Craft IdeaBunny Treat Cups Craft

Bunny Treat Cups

Bunny Craft Idea

Party cups come in several colors. You can easily make a pink, purple or white bunny treat cup just by changing the color of the party cup.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Bunny Treat Cups for your Easter, spring or summer party…

how to make bunny treat cups

  • Treat cups
  • Large google eyes
  • Black Sharpie wire a fine tip
  • Large pom-pom for the nose
  • 1 pipe cleaner for the bunny ears
  • Glue – I used glue dots, but you can use another adhesive like a low temp glue gun with glue sticks

Instructions for this Bunny Craft Idea

  • Cut the pipe cleaner in half and bend them into bunny ear shapes
  • Glue eyes and nose on the front of the treat cup
  • Using the permanent marker, add whiskers and a mouth
  • Glue the pipe cleaner ears to the inside of the treat cup – Place them at the front of the cup

bunny treat cup craft

  • That’s it! Happy Easter

What can you do with leftover Easter Candy?

  • Freeze it and use it for ice cream toppings when needed
  • Bake the candy into your favorite sweet treats
  • Make a trail mix
  • Add some of the chocolates to your morning coffee

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