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An Uncle Sam Patriotic Craft and Mask for Kids | Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

This Paper Plate Uncle Sam Craft is also an Uncle Sam Mask for the kids to wear. Making an Uncle Sam hat is perfect for the kids to celebrate America this Fourth of July.

easy uncle Sam hat craft

Uncle Sam Craft: 

Uncle Sam Mask Craft

 My kids have always loved to goof around with costumes and masks. This mask is so much fun to dress up and be silly with. I know your kids will enjoy pretending with this craft, too. 


Here’s What You’ll Need For this Uncle Sam Craft:

  • A paper plate
  • scissors
  • cotton balls
  • elastic band
  • 8×11 inch piece blue construction paper or cardstock
  • 1 more piece of cardstock or sturdy piece of paper to support the back 
  • white paper
  • Star Stickers for decoration

Instructions for this Paper Plate Uncle Sam Mask:

    • Uncle Sam Hat Craft
    • Going along the long (11 inches) side of the blue paper – Cut a strip about 1&1/2 inches wide
    • Uncle Sam Craft for kids\
    • you’ll have a strip of paper that is about 1&1/2×11 inches


  • Glue that to the bottom of the piece you cut the strip from – going in the opposite direction of the tall piece
  • Glue your white piece of paper above the small trip of blue 
  • Decorate the white piece of paper with Red, White, Blue and/or Silver Stars
  • Making a paper plate Uncle Sam Hat
  • Cut the inside circle out of your paper plate
  • From your other sturdy piece of paper, cut a piece that will fit over the back of the tall hat
  • glue the paper plate – between the sturdy piece of paper for the backing and front making a paper plate Uncle Sam Hat
  • Punch holes on either side of the plate, and add the elastic chord
  • Paper Plate Uncle Sam Mask
  • Glue several cotton balls around the white paper plate for the beard
  • Making a paper plate Uncle Sam Hat
  • That’s it – Happy Fourth of July!

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~ Melissa –

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