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Uncle Sam Patriotic Hat! Too Cute!

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How cute is this hat?! This Uncle Sam hat is perfect for the kids to celebrate America this Fourth of July! Here’s the how to!:

You’ll Need:

  • A paper plate
  • scissors
  • cotton balls
  • elastic band
  • blue construction paper
  • 1 more sheet of paper – I used a piece of red sturdy paper for the back of the hat. It needed something to help support the weight
  • white paper, or a white napkin – like I used just because I didn’t want to walk downstairs, once again!
  • blue and red star stickers


  • Uncle Sam Patriotic Hat! Cute!
  • Going along the long side of the paper – Cut a strip about 1&1/2 inches wide off of the blue sheet of paper
  • Uncle Sam Patriotic Hat! Cute!
  • Glue that to the bottom of the piece you cut the strip from
  • I didn’t feel like running around the house gathering more supplies, so I grabbed a napkin and folded it to go over the brim of the hat for decoration
  • Glue your white piece of paper, or napkin over the brim of the hat
  • Decorate that with red, and blue stars
  • Cut the inside circle out of your paper plate
  • glue it to the back of the hat, and add cotton balls to the bottom – about 4 Uncle Sam Patriotic Hat! Cute!
  • Punch holes on either side of the plate, and add the elastic chord
  • I also added a second piece of paper to the back of the hat for support
  • Uncle Sam Patriotic Hat! Too Cute!
  • Happy Fourth of July!

~ Melissa –

Sharing is caring!

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