23 Fun and Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Decorating Easter Eggs is a great holiday tradition to do with this kids. Check out these easy and fun Easter Egg decorating ideas from whipped cream, rice, and even decorating with neck ties.

Easter Egg Decorating ideas

Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

We love to craft together. It is a special way to spend time together like you will when you decorate these Easter eggs like making a keychain for mom on Mother’s Day, this Bumblebee Sensory Craft, or making a rainbow shaped balloon to brighten up the room.


Baymax Easter Eggs

Baymax Easter Eggs

From the Disney film Big Hero Six, these cute little Baymax Easter Eggs are the cutest. The best part is these Baymax Easter Eggs are so easy to make.

whipped cream eggs for Easter

Whipped Cream Easter Eggs

How to Dye Eggs with Whipped Cream

tye dye Easter eggs

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Use fabric and food coloring to Tie-Dye Easter Eggs 

Dye Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

Neck Tie Easter Eggs

Use old Neck Ties to Dye Eggs . This is so much fun. If you have old silk neck ties that aren’t being used, then use them to decorate Easter eggs. It’s so much fun to see them transfer the pattern onto eggs.

Dye Easter Eggs with Rice

Dye Easter Eggs with Rice

Dye Easter Eggs with Rice. This is such a fun way to dye Easter eggs and there is very little mess. Fun, creative, and easy to do.

dye Easter eggs with shaving cream

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

How to dye Easter eggs with shaving cream. This is another fun way to dye Easter eggs with the kids. They can mix and match colors and designs to create several beautiful Easter eggs.

Several Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

Dye eggs with Kool-Aid. They will smell so good and the kid will love this creative idea from Blue Skies Ahead

Several Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Glitter Easter Eggs

This is a post about decorating your eggs with glitter. Doesn’t glitter make everything better? From Totally The Bomb

rubber cement eggs

Rubber Cement Easter Egg Decorating

Making Rubber Cement Eggs from Parents Magazine


Paper Mache Eggs with Napkins

This is pretty darn cool. Use everyday napkins to decorate your eggs! The kids would love creating in this way. Here’s the link to Brown paper Packages


Hot Glue Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs with hot glue. This is from Creative Connections


Rubber Band Easter Eggs

Rubber Band Decorating is such a fun idea. Make fun designs on your Easter eggs with different sized rubber bands going int different directions from Nikki’s Studio 


Metallic Easter Eggs

These metallic-looking eggs are beautiful from Wilton

how to dye spotted eggs for Easter

Spotted Easter Eggs

This happened as a total accident, but turned out so cool. See how we made these Spotted Easter Eggs


dino Easter egg

Dinosaur Easter Egg

Dip half of an egg in one color and the other in a contrasting color. Add cute googly eyes and pom-pom spikes. Finish with a Sharpie mouth.

cute monster Easter egg

Cute Monster Egg

Eyelash yarn wrapped around an egg. Cute eyelashes, googly eyes, and foam star feet.

alien Easter egg

Alien Easter Eggs

Start with a colored egg. Add a Large Googly Eye in the center of the egg. Spaghetti antenna with pom-poms on top. Pom-Pom mouth.

Frog Easter egg

Frog Easter Eggs

Color a boiled egg green. Turn the egg on its side. Add cute eyelash-designed googly eyes, on each side and you are done.

dinosaur egg Easter egg idea

Dinosaur Egg Easter Egg

Tap a boiled egg on the counter to crack it all over. Place it in blue-colored water just for a few seconds and then into green-colored water. Leave it in the green water for a few minutes.

married couple Easter eggs

Married Couple Easter Egg

Eggs dipped in yellow food coloring. A top hat made out of a toilet paper tube and wrapped in stiff black felt paper. A brim is cut out of a stiff felt. Googly eyes and a red marker mouth are added to the face. The girl has yellow shredded paper for hair, a white fabric veil, googly eyes, and a marker for lips and blush.

So simple for the kids! Awesome Easter Egg Craft!

Button Easter Eggs

This Button Decorated Easter Egg is a fun and easy-to-make Easter egg craft. While it might not be a real egg it is still a fun way to make a decorative Easter egg at home.


Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Decorate your Easter Eggs with tissue paper From Craft Ideas

Minion Easter Eggs

These are so cute and simple to make.

Found on A Pumpkin and a Princess

More Easter Ideas You’ll Love

Alright, I’m fired up for some decorating. Hopefully, you’ve got some fun ideas, too. Happy Easter!

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