Baymax Easter Eggs {From Big Hero 6}

Introducing Baymax at Easter. Baymax has a design that fits perfectly onto a white Easter egg. These cute Baymax Easter Eggs are so easy to make and require only a couple of supplies.


Baymax From Big Hero Six Easter Eggs

Baymax Easter Eggs

Our family just recently saw Big Hero Six, and we all loved it. What a great movie. After we watched it, I knew that I wanted to create something with that Marshmallow looking Baymax.

I used a sharpie to make him. That is all that is required. How easy is that?! By the way, just to be sure, I picked the basket up to show my five-year-old, and he yelled “Baymax!”  So now you know – They’re Kid Approved.  You all, these are the most simple, and fun Baymax From Big Hero Six Easter Eggs.

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Supplies Needed to make Baymax Eggs

All you need is a Sharpie and some White Eggs. No dying is required for these! I didn’t even use real eggs. I bought some ready to decorate eggs in the Easter section of Walmart.


Just make 2 circles with a connecting line a little below the center.

[box] [/box]



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  1. kerstin

    These are just adorable!

    1. Melissa

      Thanks, Kerstin! & Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

  2. Barb W.

    Totally super cute idea! Love it!

    1. Melissa

      Thank you so much, Barb. What a nice compliment! I really appreciate it!