11+ Mouthwatering Easter Ham Recipes

Here are 11 Easter Ham Recipes that will have your mouth watering. Ham is a classic Easter centerpiece at the dinner table and these recipes are sure to wow any guest.

11 Easter Ham Recipes you've got to try!

11 Easter Ham Recipes to Try

I can’t believe that Easter is almost here – and, ham.  It’s almost time for some Easter ham at my mom’s house. Boy, do I love ham with mashed potatoes smothered in gravy and a delicious roll to sop it all up. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Easer ham recipe

My grandmother used to put pineapple slices all over the Easter Ham. This brings back memories. Here’s the recipe for this Pineapple glazed ham at The Sweet Spot

Easer ham recipe

This was a contest winner from Taste of Home.  Here’s the recipe for Contest Winning Glazed Ham

Baked ham with Brown Sugar Glaze 

Easer ham recipe

What about using your crockpot to cook the ham? I love that idea. This is a recipe for Crock Pot Maple Brown Sugar Ham.

Easer ham recipe

I love all of these cooking methods! Here’s a recipe for a Pressure Cooked Ham on Just a Pinch

Easer ham recipe

This ham glaze uses Sprite! That’s pretty cool. This  Sprite marinated ham is found on How Does She?

Easer ham recipe

Here’s a recipe for easy-baked ham. This is from Cafe Mom

Easer ham recipe - coke ham

This ham recipe uses Coke! From A Country Girls Livin

bourbon ham

How about a Bourbon Ham? This Bourbon ham is From Tammilee Tips

slow cooker ham

Hooray for slow cooker recipes & garlic! Here’s another Slow Cooker ham recipe that uses garlic from Blissfully Domestic

Easer ham recipe

From the Pioneer Woman! How do her pictures look so amazing?! This looks delicious. Here’s the link

orange glazed maple ham

This is a Ham Recipe with Orange and Maple Glaze 

And, there you have it. That’s 11 recipes for a wonderful Easter Ham!

Happy Easter, y’all!

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