How to Make Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint in Squeeze Bottles {Easy & Fun}

Make sidewalk chalk paint in squeeze bottles to get the kids playing outside and have some fun this summer. It’s easy to make and fun for all ages. Come on in and I’ll share how easy it is to make Sidewalk Chalk Paint with the kids, today…

puffy sidewalk paint

Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint…

Making sidewalk chalk paint out of flour helps give it a puffy effect.

DIY Easy sidewalk chalk in a squeeze bottle

Make several colors, so kids can create lots of summertime art.

DIY Easy sidewalk chalk in a squeeze bottle

Your sidewalk or driveway will be full of artwork in no time.

How to make sidewalk chalk paint

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Here is what you will need for this Sidewalk Chalk Recipe…

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 2 cups of salt
  • 3 Tblsp. corn starch
  • 2 cups of water
  • 5 squeeze bottles
  • funnel 
  • washable kid’s paint in 5 different colors 

Here’s how to make Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint…

Making Sidewalk chalk paint with the kids

  • Mix the flour, salt, and corn starch
  • Add water and mix until smooth
Making Sidewalk chalk paint with the kids

  • Use the funnel to evenly distribute the mixture into the squeeze bottles – leave some space for paint colors
  • Add a different color of paint to each bottle, close the lids and shake until the color is mixed throughout

  • Take bottles out to the driveway or sidewalk
Making Sidewalk chalk paint with the kids

  • Start creating
Making Sidewalk chalk paint with the kids

  • Have your hose handy to wash the paint off after you are done – this is so much fun and you might even cool off on a hot day
  • *The paint dries pretty quickly, but I did worry that some kids were going to come by at any second and get the wet form of our sidewalk chalk on the bottom of their shoes or bike tires. I made sure I was around to tell the kids to be careful of the wet paint or join in on the fun

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  1. Michelle

    With two cups salt and two of flour it’s really thick with only two cups of water. I am hoping double the water slowly and I can get some great paint.