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Another cute idea from a fun fall outing. These pig, cow, and fowl pumpkins are so darn cute. They would be a perfect accompaniment to a fall party. Here are some close-up pictures of these barnyard friends, and some tips on painting your own DIY Painted Pumpkins.:

DIY painted pumpkins - barnyard animals

DIY Painted Pumpkins – Barnyard Animals

  • A good place to start is by applying a sealer to your clean pumpkin
  • Acrylic Paint is a good paint to use when painting pumpkins, but you can try any kind. Permanent markers work, as well!
  • Here is a link to a helpful site explaining the painting process.

DIY Barnyard Pumpkins! - Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

  • These pumpkins have been painted white with clouds of black spots
  • Black oval eyes are placed above the stem, with little white centers, and a black dot for a detail
  • Foam balls shapes have been quartered and painted white on the outside with pink (they look kind of like a watermelon) They are attached to the pumpkin with a wooden dowel

DIY Barnyard Pumpkins! - Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

  • The pigs are also pumpkins on their sides
  • Painted Pink with white ovals just above the stem. Black centers on the eyes, with white accents, are used for detail
  • This time the quartered foam ball is reversed with white in the center and pink on the outside

DIY Barnyard Pumpkins! - Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

  • The Quail is a gourd on its side with silver paint, 2 large white ovals for wings. Feathers look like they are thumbprints, oval shapes colored burgundy or brown.
  • Eyes are circles with blue eyelids and black centers
  • Gourds, already bird-like shaped, are transformed into many birds with a little stroke of the brush to make wings and eyes!

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo

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