McDonalds Copy Cat Shamrock Shake Recipe

McDonald's Copy Cat Shamrock Shake. Done in 5 minutes. Why wait until you can go out - have one at home!
A blast from the past! Boy does this Shamrock Milkshake from McDonald’s bring back memories. I can remember pulling up, with my mom, to what now, looks like a retro McDonald’s. My friends  and I would run to the Ronald McDonald playground with Hamburglar, Grimace and the rest of the gang. We played, for what seemed like, hours. I still remember sliding into the round hamburger...
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Sour Candy Flavored Tie Dye & Rainbow Milkshake

Sour Candy Flavored Rainbow Milkshakes! These are so much fun. Could be a St. Patrick's Day drink
I found a fun flavor when I used Kool-Aid to color the ice cream for this rainbow milkshake! It tastes like sour candy. Not my favorite flavor, but the kids LOVE sour candy. So, I kept it that way. Here’s what I did to make these sour candy flavored rainbow milkshakes!: You’ll Need: Yields 8 servings Vanilla Ice Cream – 2 gallons Various Kool-Aid Packets, I used Purple, Blue,...
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Pumpkin Pie Milkshake – A Kid Friendly Thing To Drink

This milkshake packs the warmth and spices of this fall season into a cool and refreshing dessert. Try this Pumpkin Spice Milkshake for a fun seasonal treat! Here’s The Recipe: For those of you that have been to the Beautiful Covered Bridge Festival in Southern Indiana, this will remind you of the delicious pumpkin ice cream sold there! When I was a kid, I looked forward to that ice cream...
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The Monster Mash Milkshake – A Kid Friendly Thing To Drink

This milkshake is yummy and fun! The kiwi with it’s little black seeds, help give this milkshake a monstrous look. The honeydew, ice cream, coconut milk make this “monster” easy to swallow! Here’s What You’ll Need To Make This Yourself!: 2 cups of honeydew – peeled, seeded, and cut into chunks 4 kiwis – peeled and cubed 1 cup of vanilla ice cream 1/2 cup...
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake – A Kid Friendly Thing To Drink

This one goes out to all of the chocolate chip lovers! I know I have a couple in my family that won’t leave a batch of chocolate chip cookies alone. My husband is the biggest cookie thief with my 9 year old daughter close behind! The cookies never make it to day two! Here’s the recipe for this chocolate chip milkshake – Enjoy!: Here’s What You’ll Need: 6 cups of...
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A Slushy Milk Shake

This is what you get when you mix TWO FUN DRINKS TOGETHER! A SLUSHY-MILK-SHAKE! Yum! With so many colors available in the Jell-O department, you could make these any color you want. Since, fourth of July is just around the corner, I made these fun drinks red and blue. But, it would be fun to have one of every color at a kid’s birthday party! Here’s What You’ll Need To Make Your...
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