Sour Candy Flavored Tie Dye & Rainbow Milkshake

I found a fun flavor when I used Kool-Aid to color the ice cream for this rainbow milkshake! It tastes like sour candy. Not my favorite flavor, but the kids LOVE sour candy. So, I kept it that way. Here’s what I did to make these sour candy flavored rainbow milkshakes!:

You’ll Need: Yields 8 servings

  • Vanilla Ice Cream – 2 gallons
  • Various Kool-Aid Packets, I used Purple, Blue, (I mixed blue and yellow to make green – but it looked just like the blue!), yellow ( I helped the yellow out with a little food coloring – it looked more like cream without it), orange, and red
    **Grab a couple of packets of each – just in case
  • Milk – You’ll need about 1&1/4 cups

Now, on to the fun!:

  • Get your blender or food processor ready for some action
  • Sour Rainbow Milkshake
  • Place 2&1/2 cups of ice cream
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • And your Kool-Aid packet into the blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Pour that color into the bottom of the cups
  • Sour Rainbow Milkshake
  • If you want straight lines, like these…Then, as you add each color, tap your glasses down to settle each color down and even them out
  • Store the glasses in the freezer as your rinse and repeat with the next 4 colors
  • Sour Candy Flavored Rainbow Milkshakes! These are so much fun. Could be a St. Patrick's Day drink
  • If you really don’t care about perfect lines and so on…then just dump each color on top of the other.
  • Don’t put these glasses into the freezer between colors
  • And, look at this COOL TIE DYE effect! Isn’t that so cool? I think I like this better than the perfect ones! Less Stress – Cool Shake!

 **Some things I learned with this shake:

  • I had to use 2 packets of red. As you can see…the top of the glass is much wider than the bottom. So, you might need to make a double batch of red just to cover it.
  • Yellow and Blue mixed together make a light green similar to the blue. So, if you want a true green, you’ll have to help it out with a little food coloring. (The kids were disappointed the green was not in the rainbow. Can you believe any kid would walk into the room, see rainbow milkshakes before them, and complain?! Geez!)
  • You’ll need to add some food colorant to the yellow color, as well

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~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com

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