A Dove Craft Using Child Hand Prints As Wings – Peace & Love

Make this Dove Craft with handprints for wings as a follow up to a lesson on peace, as a Martin Luther King Jr. day craft, Sunday School Craft, and more. So easy and adorable.

A Dove Craft using Hand Prints as Wings. KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

Dove Craft with Olive Branch for Kids – Handprint Craft

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This dove was such a wonderful craft for our Sunday School lesson, yesterday. Our story was about the two brothers, Esau and Jacob, that had a falling out. We used this craft to reinforce love and peace with each other. I think this would also be a wonderful Noah’s Ark craft. Or, just a craft to reinforce peace – (something we’ve been discussing in our sibling rivalry family). This is what we did to make this sweet dove with child handprints for wings:

You’ll Need:

  • Thick white paper like card stock 11×17
  • Green and Brown pipe cleaner for the Olive branch
  • Ribbon to hang the dove with
  • Hole Punch and Scissors


  • Using a large piece of thick white paper  11×17 – I made the shape of the bird’s body
  • *You can use the template below

Dove Template   Here’s the template – my first attempt at making you a template. Don’t forget to enlarge the image to fit.

  • Click on the image so you can print it off – you may have to click twice to get it to a large enough size for you 🙂
  • The kids used this as a template to trace their own
  • dove-handprints
  • Then we traced hand-prints that were palms together – leaving a little space between the palms (about an inch)
  • We cut the shapes out and cut a little slit on the dove, in the spot where the wings would go
  • We folded one hand to fit through the slit and then unfolded it after it was through
  • We made Olive Branches out of pipe cleaner strips and punched a hole in the beak of the bird to fasten that
  • Then we punched one more hole for our ribbon to hang the dove
  • That’s it. A sweet keepsake craft. 🙂

Here’s some stuff you might need or even want for this craft 🙂

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A Dove Craft With Child Hand Prints For Wings



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