How to Keep Honey from Sticking to Measuring Tools

Here’s a great tip for baking: Spray oil can avoid messes and make cooking so much easier. I’ll show you how I use it in the kitchen.

pouring honey from measuring spoon

Keep Honey from Sticking to Spoons and Measuring Cups

What You’ll Need

ingredients to keep honey from sticking
  • Spray Grease – Butter flavor, Canola, or Vegetable oil. Olive oil will flavor the honey, and you don’t want that

How to Keep Honey from Sticking

The next time a recipe calls for honey, syrup, cookie dough, or something with similar sticky qualities…spray a little oil on your measuring tool before you add the sticky food item.

spraying oil on measuring spoon

The sticky food, like honey or syrup, will slide right out.

pouring honey from measuring spoon

And your measuring spoon or cup will empty

pouring honey

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