Make Summer with Kids Easy – Top Summer Hacks From Parents!

From one parent to another, these are the best summer hacks for kids. Those are the best kind of tips you can get. I love these genius tips and tricks.

top summer hacks for kids

Top Summer Hacks for Kids 

If you love hacks like I do, then you might like these camping hacks, or road trip hacks 

aloe vera ice cubes

Via Examiner –  for summer burns!

art on lawn

Art on the lawn! Love this!

using a cupcake wrapper for popsicle drips

No Drip Popsicle Recipe!

paper towel dispenser for outside

Couldn’t find the original source for this amazing idea. Use a garden flag post as a paper towel dispenser! Love this!

make your deck a game board

Turn your deck into a board game! from The 36th Avenue

sponge necklace for staying cooled off

Stay cooled off on hot days with this Sponge Necklace

summer car kit

I love how organized this is! A summer car kit from East Valley Moms

PVC pipe towel drying rack

A PVC drying rack from Dump A Day

cupcake liner popsicle drips

No drippy mess from Life Hacker

keep bugs out

No more bugs! Via Pop Sugar

fitted sheet on the beach for baby

Love this! From Life Hacks



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