Over 15 Must-Try Road Trip Hacks

Over 15 Must-Try Road Trip Hacks For Easy Traveling with Kids to make the trip a little more enjoyable for everyone. Perfect for your next vacation adventure.

road trip hacks

Road Trip Hacks for Easy Travelling with the Kids

Do you love going on road trips with the kids? I do! I know it can be exhausting to hear, “Are we there yet?” about a zillion times. Not to mention the fact that you’re risking your life just opening the van door after a long road trip with kids. There is no telling what might fall out. I swear the boy’s cupholders contain toxic fumes after they’ve spilled everything under the sun into them on a road trip adventure. With that said…I still love family road trips. I love the time we spend together and the memories we make. We all look forward to them. Our next one is coming up soon. 15 Days and counting. We can’t wait! I’m thinking though that before we embark on another road trip.

If you have kids and love hacks like I do, then you might love these Summer Hacks for kids, or camping hacks for summer

Genius Ideas! Love these

waste basket idea for car

Here’s a clever wastebasket idea from Paige’s Party Ideas

fast food caddy from dollar store

I’m so doing this! Fast Food Caddy by Lookie What I Did

snack necklace for kids

Make a snack necklace by Design Improvised 

suction cup organizer for the car

Suction cup Bins by Grey House Harbor – Unfortunately, their sight is no longer on the web

road trip countdown

Are We There Yet countdown by Krazy Coupon Lady

travel chalkboard for road trip

Travel Chalkboard by Inspired Mama

magnet craft road trip hack

Baking Sheet Magnet Art

road trip printables

Oh my goodness. This page is packed with Road Trip Printables! Yay! by Trip Savvy

road trip printables

More Printables! Found on Eternal Hopes

snack organizer for road trips

Pack for eating on the go by Modern Parents Messy Kids

snack containters for road trip

Snack Containers by Stockpiling Moms

boredom busters for road trips

I have looked and looked for this image source – no such luck! Love the idea. Place boredom busters inside bags, like puzzles, printables, toys, coloring books,s and crayons, etc…

road trip games

Don’t forget some road trip games – by Landeelu

muffin tin cup holder

A Muffin Tin cup holder – by Musely

emergency potty for road trip

Have an emergency potty ready for…well, emergencies! by Mom With a Prep

car organizing hacks

Great organizing idea found on HGTV

scenic rout road trip games for teens

Can’t have enough games for kids and teens – found on Alamo

car organizer for road trip

Keep cords, stuffed animals, and movies off of the floor by Swifty

Well, that’s it for now. I know that I’m heading up to my printer ASAP! I can’t wait to play some of these games on our road trip. Have a terrific vacation.

~Melissa – Kid-Friendly Things To Do

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