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These Valentine’s Day Games for Kids to Play are perfect for kids, teens, and even adults.  Get the kids moving with these fast-paced Valentine Party Games that would make great Minute to Win It Games for your party. Come on in and I’ll share our ideas…

9 Valentine's Day Party Games for Kids

These games are set up in Minute to Win It style, which is always hilarious to watch and to play. You can change that to fit your party needs.

Are these games good for all age levels (kids to adults)

  • Absolutely. If you have a fun sense of humor and are competitive then Minute to Win It Games are for you.

Can you play all of these games indoors?

  • Yes. These Minute To Win It Games are meant to be played indoors.

Do I need a lot of space for these Minute To Win It Party Games?

  • No. You do not need a lot of space for Minute To Win It Games. You will need a level surface – table height, and a small amount of floor space for a couple of the games.

Does it cost a lot of money for the supplies to these Minute To Win It Games?

  • It does not cost very much at all to play Minute to Win It Games. You can find most of the supplies for these games at your local Dollar Tree.


Here’s a quick video of these Valentine’s Day Minute To Win It Games…

Need more fun game ideas for your Valentine’s Day Party?


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Valentine Balloon Stomp Game and Word Scramble – so fun!

Our first Valentine’s Day Party Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults to Play is…

valentines day party game idea


Blow me a Kiss!

(1 player per team)

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Red balloons
  • 5 Hershey Kiss
  • Table surface

Set up…

  • place 5 Hershey’s Kisses about 1 foot away from the table’s edge
  • Space them about 6 inches apart

Valentines day idea for school party

Here’s how you play this game…

  • Have players start out with a balloon that is already blown up
  • In under 1 minute (or time your players to see who does it the fastest), blow all Hershey’s Kisses off the table – in a straight line (no short cuts to the side)

Our Next Valentine’s Day Game Is…

game to play on valentine's day

Candy Sort

Here’s What You’ll Need for this Valentine’s Day Game…

valentines day games for groups to play

  • 40 pieces of candy per player
  • A cup or bowl to keep the candy in
  • Paper plate

Set up…

  • Place 40 candies in cups or bowls – 1 ready for each player
  • Have empty plates ready for each player

Here’s how you’ll play this Valentine’s Day Game

Candy Sort Valentines Day Game

  • In under 1 minute, or time them to see who finishes first…
  • One at a time, sort the candy colors into color groups on your plate

The third Valentine’s Day Party Game…

Valentines Day party game finding love

Finding Love

Here’s what you’ll need for Finding Love…

  • 25 cups
  • 4 Stickers (hearts or the word Love)
  • Table surface

Valentines day games for kids

Set up…

  • place stickers on ONLY 4 cups
  • place cups – sticker ones and ones without the stickers right side up on the table surface
  • *Mix them up so players have no idea where the stickers are

Here’s how you can play this game…

  • Players have to (one at a time) turn over the cups to try and reveal the 4 with stickers on them
  • The players to find the stickers fastest wins

Next up…


Valentine's Day Classroom games to play

Cupid’s Arrow

Here’s what you’ll need for this Valentine’s Day Game…

  • 6 plastic cups
  • rubberbands – the nice thick/strong type
  • A table surface

Set up…

  • Stack cups in a pyramid
  • Have rubberbands nearby


  • Players should shoot the rubber bands to knock down all of the cups off of the surface

Next Valentine’s Day Game…

Valentines day game for school party

Valentine Unicorn

2 players

Here’s What you’ll need for this game…

  • About 1 dozen Valentine’s Day Cookies

Set up…

  • Just have the cookies ready to go


  • one player will stack 1 dozen cookies on another player’s forehead – in under 1 minute
  • The fastest team wins

Next up…



minute to win it valentines day games

Wrapped with Love

2 players

Here’s what you’ll need for this game…

  • 50-foot bundle of streamer – Valentine’s Day colors
  • Heart Headband

Set up…

  • no setup – just have it all ready to go


  • One player should – starting at the ankles – wrap the other with the streamer
  • Finish the ensemble with the headband

The Next Valentine’s Day Game is…

9 Valentine's Day Games for kids to play

Bucket Head

2 players per team

Here’s what you’ll need to play this game…

  • A Valentine’s day container or bucket
  • 5 ping pong balls
  • table surface

Setting up…

  • Not a whole lot, just have a cup filled with ping pong balls for 1 player and a bucker for the other


  • 1 player should bounce the ping pong balls onto the table surface so they launch back up into the air – toward their teammate
  • The other player should catch the balls in the bucket on their head

The next Valentine’s Day Game…

Valentines day game for school

This Blows

Here’s what you’ll need for this game

  • 5 plastic cups
  • *we have found that the solo type cups are the easiest to blow off of the table
  • 1 balloon
  • table surface

Set up…

  • place cups upside down about 1 foot away from the edge of the table
  • place them about 6 inches apart


  • players should use the balloon to blow the cups off of the table – going in a straight line

Finally, the last fun Valentine’s Day Game to Play…

9 Valentine's Day Minute To Win It Games

Match Maker

1 player per team

Here’s what you’ll need for this game…

  • 18 cups + 1 for each color of candy
  • 18 pieces of  candy
  • 2 surfaces across the room from each other

Set up…

  • cover up 18 pieces of candy with your 18 cups
  • place the empty cups (one per candy color) on the other side of the room


  • players should flip cups over – one at a time – to reveal candy
  • grab the candy and run!
  • place the candy in an empty cup – sorting them by the color of candy

9 hilarious Valentine's Day Games to play with kids, teens and adults

That’s it! Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

~ Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do


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