Santa Limbo (A Fun Christmas Party Game!)

If you are looking for a fun and simple party game for the holidays, this might be the game for you. With little time to set up and simple supplies this game will be a great addition to your holiday party. Kids, teens and adults can get in on this hilarious fun with Santa Limbo.

Santa Limbo Party Game for the Holidays

Santa Limbo – Christmas Party Game…

Christmas Party Game

We happen to have a “full-on” Santa Suit in our attic. It’s not at all necessary for the game. My kids just insisted on wearing it when they played Santa Limbo.

Santa Limbo Party Game

Even though the suit is not necessary, you’ll want the players to use wear something to resemble Santa as they play the game.

Hilarious Christmas Game

Here’s What You’ll Need for this Fun Christmas Game…

  • Christmas Lights will be used as your limbo stick
  • 2 players will be needed to hold the lights
  • Suggested Santa Items:
  • A pillow with a belt or rope to hold the pillow on the belly
  • A Santa hat 
  • Other than that, it’s completely up to you if you want to add a hat, beard, shoes, etc… Obviously, it’s more festive and fun with additional items. 
  • Space for the players to play
  • Festive Music

How Limbo is generally played…

  • 2 people should be holding the pole high off of the ground – for the first round, the pole should be high enough to make it pretty easy for players to pass under it without getting disqualified 
  • Players should line up behind the pole and wait for their turn
  • The players will need to bend their body backward, lowering it to fit completely under the pole (lights in this case) without touching the pole (lights)
  • Players are disqualified if they touch the floor with their hands or the pole (you can modify this for younger kids) 
  • When the player is finished, they go to the back of the line and wait for another turn
  • Usually, when all players have gone through, for those that are left in the game, the pole is lowered a few inches for the next round and so on…
  • Variations can include – Going backward under the limbo pole, hopping under the pole

Santa Limbo…

  • Players should follow the above guidelines, but also wear a hat and a pillow to limbo
  • The hat must stay on and the pillow can not touch the lights – If the hat falls off or the pillow touches the lights – the player is disqualified
  • Once the players turn is over, transfer the hat and pillow with the belt to the next player in line and go to the back of the line for another turn

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