Fun and Easy Minute To Win It Party Games to Play with the Family

Try these fun and easy Minute To Win It Party Games at your next party or family fun night! Minute To Win It Games are the perfect games for any occasion. We had so much fun playing these latest games and hope you will to. Come on in and I’ll share how you can set these games up easily for your next event…

Fun and Easy Minute To Win It Party Games

These are so much fun! Are you ready to check out these Minute To Win It Party Games?

Here’s a video with only SOME of our favorite Minute To Win It Party Games. You can find links to all of the games on this video, below. More to come…

So, How Do You Play Minute To Win It Games?

  1. Minute to Win It Games are fast-paced and challenging games. The tasks must be completed in one minute.
  2. Some games are team games and some only require one player
  3. Once the game is set up, the timer should be set to 1 minute and the host yells go!
  4. Players have one minute to complete the task. If they mess up, the timer does not stop. They have to start over and try again
  5. Award points for completing the games
  6. Award a bonus point for the team or player that completes it in the least amount of time (This helps with tiebreakers)
  7. In the end, tally the points and award the players their prize

What are good prizes for Minute To Win It Games?

  1. The pride of winning the game
  2. A candy bar
  3. A trophy
  4. A ribbon – homemade or ordered
  5. Money!

Do you need a lot of room for Minute To Win It Games?

  1. Some of the games require an open space for racing, but most are performed on a table surface

What Kind of Supplies are needed for Minute To Win It Games?

  1. Most supplies can be found around the house
  2. Examples are, rubber bands, plastic cups, plates, ping pong balls, pencils, paper clips, paper, balloons, tissue, soda cans, and more easy to find items

Can you play Minute To Win It Games outside?

  1. Almost all of the games can be played outside
  2. The surface is the important part of Minute To Win It Games – you’ll need a table top and sometimes a hard floor (a sidewalk would do in most cases)

First Up…Stack Attack – 1 player

Minute To Win It Party Games - Stack Attack

Notes about Stack Attack…

*This is one of the more challenging Minute To Win It games. It’s a level 5 game, which means it’s hard to accomplish. You’ll definitely be pressed to get this one done in under 1 minute.

  • We found that it was possible to get the cups stacked up in 1 minute. The breaking down part was difficult for most people. I think it would require some practice rounds. We made it a little more reasonable for the kids by leaving the deconstructing part out and just let them stack the cups in under 1 minute. 


Stack Attack Minute To Win It Game

Here’s What You’ll Need for Stack Attack…

  • 36 solo cups
  • A flat surface, such as a table

Playing Stack Attack Minute To Win It Game Night

Instructions for Stack Attack…

  • In 1 minute, stack the cups in a pyramid shape. You’ll start with 8 in the bottom row and go up from there to 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and finally the top one
  • Then, slide the cups down diagonally starting at the top, stacking them in 1 single really tall stack  of cups

Next Up…On the Hook –

(1 player)

Minute To Win It Games - On the Hook

  • This is a really fun and simple Minute To Win It Game for kids, but challenging enough for adults
  • On the Hook is supposed to be a level 5 Minute To Win It Game, but it was actually pretty easy for the kids to accomplish

Minute To Win It - On the Hook Game to play

Here’s What You’ll Need for On the Hook…

  • chopstick
  • string
  • clothespin
  • 4 keys
  • table top

Instructions for Setting up – On the Hook

  • tie a short piece of string (about 6 inches) to the end of a chopstick
  • Pull one end of a clothespin out to make your hook
  • Attach that to the other end of the string
  • Set out 4 keys with the tops pushed out over the edge of a table top

Instructions for Playing – On the Hook

  • Place the chopstick in your mouth and go fishing
  • Try to catch all four keys in under 1 minute without using your hands!

Alternative On the Hook, for younger kids…



Minute To Win It Game On the Hook

If using their mouth is too challenging…Let the younger kids use their hands to fish for the keys

Easy Way to Play On the Hook Minute To Win It

It’s still a lot of fun to play it this way and gives you a good alternative – especially if you have a big group and don’t want to swap mouth germs

Next Up – Floatacious!

Minute to Win It Game - Floatacious

This is a level 9 Minute To Win It Game. It’s definitely challenging enough for all ages. Don’t worry, you can make it easier for the little ones by letting them stack less soda cans

Floatacious Minute to win it party game

Here’s What You’ll Need for Floatacious…

  • One large bowl filled with water
  • 1 plastic plate – we used a dessert sized plate
  • 5 soda cans with tabs removed

Setting up –

  • Make sure your bowl is filled with water and ready on a table
  • set the plate and cans nearby

Instructions on playing Floatacious…

  • Set the timer for 1 minute
  • When you’re ready, players will have to place the plate in the bowl of water and stack the cans so they balance on top of each other
  • Cans have to stay balanced for 3 seconds before tumbling over

Next up…Horseplay!

Horseplay - Minute to win it game

  • If you only use 1 player – This is a level 8 challenge. We allowed 2 players from each team for this challenge which brought it down to a reasonable level for all ages. You can choose the more challenging way with only 1 player or keep it simple and allow 2 players like we did

Horseplay Minute to Win it Game

Here’s What you’ll need for Horseplay

  • 4 horseshoes
  • 3 ping pong balls – (table tennis balls)
  • table top – we used a square card table, but you can make it even more challenging by using a long table

kids playing a minute to win it game - horseplay

Setting up for Horseplay

  • line 3 of the horseshoes on one side of the table with enough space in between them for a ball to go into
  • Set the 4th horseshoe up at an angle in the bottom corner on the opposite side of the row of horseshoes
  • The table is supposed to be slanted toward the horseshoe targets and the balls are supposed to be color coordinated to the horseshoes
  • * you could draw symbols on the balls and horseshoes to make them match up

Playing Horseplay

  • Like I mentioned above, this is supposed to be a 1 person game, but we let the kids use 2 players on opposite side of the table – 1 to blow it over to the horseshoes and one to blow the balls into the horseshoe
  • *I think the 2 player version adds a level of fun for the players. As you can see in one of the above images, my boys couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Place the balls next to the starting horseshoe – the one at the angle at the bottom of the table. You could store them in a cup so the player can grab them for play
  • In 1 minute, players should blow all 3 balls from the starting horseshoe over to the other side of the table into the corresponding horseshoes


Next Up – Nutstacker

Playing Minute to Win it Games - Nutstacker

This game has several different challenge levels. One requires 2 people to work as a team to stack 10 (level 4). Another variation is 8 (level 5) lugnuts as a one person team,  and also 10 (level 6) as a 1 person team. We changed it once more to just stacking 5 lugnuts and nobody completed it successfully. Four lugnuts stacked was our happy spot.

Here’s What You’ll Need fort the Minute To Win It Game –  Nutstacker

  • up to 10 lugnuts
  • chopsticks or chopstick – depending on whether you go with the 2 player or 1 player version
  • table top

kids Playing Nutstacker a Minute to Win It Game

  • As you can see, we were ambitious with 10 lugnuts.

Playing the Nutstacker Minute to Win It Game

One player version

  • In 1 minute using a chopstick as a handle, stack up to 6 lugnuts
  • They must balance for 3 seconds
  • You can also see which team has the most stacked for the winning team

Two Player Version

  • In 1 minute, using a chopstick as a handle, trade turns stacking lugnuts to 10 high
  • They must stand for 3 seconds to qualify

Our version

  • Try for 4 lugnuts! It’s trickier than it looks.

Next up…Candelier

Kids playing Candelier a Minute to Win it Party Game

  • This is a level one challenge, but it’s more challenging than it looks
  • The object is to make a reverse pyramid out of plates and soda cans starting with 1 can and working your way to 5 cans

Here’s What You’ll Need for Candelier Minute To Win It Game

  • 15 soda cans with tabs pulled off
  • Large Styrofoam or heavy paper plates – You’ll want plates that are larger than 9 inches to fit all 5 soda cans

Setting up –

  • Just set out the supplies for the game on the table top

Kids playing Candelier for Family Game Nigt

Playing Candelier

  • In one minute, players must stack cans and plates into a reverse pyramid – 1 can, plate, 2 cans, plate, 3 cans, plate, 4 cans, plate, 5 cans, plate!

Finally – Our Favorite Game from this Group –

Whack Attack Minute To Win It Game!


Playing Whack Attack for Minute To Win It Game Night

  • Whack attack is a level 2 game and is SOOOOOOO much fun for every age!

Here’s What You’ll Need for Whack Attack –

(I found all of these supplies at the Dollar Tree)

  • 10 spray bottles – with lids off and filled to almost the tippy top with water
  • 10 sharpie markers – I found 3 packs of dry erase markers that resembled sharpies
  • 2 large serving spoons or silicone spatulas

Setting up Whack Attack Minute To Win It Game

  • Line up the water filled bottles on the table and place
  • Place the markers in – top side down
  • *I’m not sure if the way the markers face changes the challenge level. I recently made a video of my daughter playing Whack Attack and we faced them up. It might be a little easier that way, because the marker is thicker on the top side
  • Set the spatulas down near the beginning bottle

Whack Attack Game - Minute To Win It

Playing Whack Attack

  • In 1 minute players – using their spoons or spatulas – will have to whack the markers down until they stay down under the bottle rim
  • All markers must be down. If one pops up, you’ll have to whack it down until it stays

*Side Note for Whack Attack…

  • If you play this a lot, have more water handy. If water sloshes out, the game becomes too easy and isn’t fair to the players that had a filled water bottle
  • You might want a towel handy, too

That’s it for this Version of Our Minute to Win It Party Games! We are always uploading more and more fun Minute To Win It Games, so be sure to follow us for more.

If you want to look at our other Minute To Win It Party Games…here’s a few links to some of our other Minute To Win It fun!



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