23 Christmas Party Games For Preschool Kids to Play

These Christmas Party Games for Preschool Kids to Play are fun, interactive, and easy games for preschool kids. If you are planning a Pre-K Christmas party, you’ll love these games that are perfect for the classroom Christmas party.

classroom party games for kids

Our family loves interactive games to play. Like Santa Limbo and

My son’s preschool Christmas or Holiday Party teachers have requested at least three hands-on games.

Pre-K Christmas games need to be easy enough for little ones to have fun playing but challenging enough to keep it interesting. After searching all day, these are my top Christmas game picks for the pre-school Christmas party. I think these are the perfect preschool Christmas games and they are also great Christmas games for kids of all ages.

Let’s Get Started with these Fun Preschool Christmas Games to Play

Christmas memory matching game


Hershey’s Kiss Christmas Memory Match Game

Make a memory match game with Christmas Candy.

Find this Christms Memory Match Gmae

The Reindeer Scramble Game - A Fun Christmas Party Game! - Fun for Classroom, kids, teens and adults. Great family time fun - Plus FREE PRINTABLE www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com


Reindeer Scramble Game

Kids try to unscramble the reindeer names. For Pre-K, I might have the names printed out, so they can see how to spell them.

Here’s the reindeer scramble game

Christmas game idea for kids


How Old Is Santa Toss Game

Kids toss ping pong balls into Santa’s Boots in this fun interactive Christmas game for preschoolers

Find How Old Is Santa Toss Game

reindeer toss Christmas game


Reindeer Human Ring Toss

This Human Reindeer Ring Toss game is fun for both the player tossing the rings and the player sitting in the chair and catching the rings on their antlers.

The Grinch Christmas Game for Kids


How the Grinch Stole Christmas Book Game

This game requires a book or prize for each child to unwrap at the end, but it is so much fun to play! Test the preschoolers’ listening skills with this fun Christmas game.

Here is How the Grinch Stole Christmas Game

abominable snowman toss Christmas game


Abominable Snowman Toss Game

Roll up socks to use as snowballs and play snowball toss with this fun Christmas Game.

Spotted on Pinterest

gingerbread pre-school Christmas game


Gingerbread Fishing

This fishing for Gingerbread Pre-School game would be such a fun and interactive game to play. Kids can go fishing for letters, so they learn while they have fun. Found on Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten

snowman bowling Christmas game to play


Snowman Bowling Game

Fill waterbottles full of cotton balls and use a Sharpie to draw a snowman. Roll a rubber ball to play this fun game.

Source: Spotted on Pinterest

snowman slam preschool Christmas game


Snowman Slam

Knock the paper cup snowmen down with this fun pre-k Christmas game. Found on Jeweled Rose

Rudolph nose preschool game


Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This is such a fun and interactive Christmas game for little kids. Found on Living on the Crafty Side of Life


Tree Pong Toss Game

So fun! Kids toss ping pong balls into Santa Cups to score!

candy cane fishing Christmas game for kids


Candy Cane Fishing

How fun! Kids can use candy cane hooks to catch candy canes! Found on Kindergarteners on the Go

preschool game Christmas Tree race


Christmas Tree Relay Race

A fun race to wrap each other like a Christmas Tree. Found on Lewis Learning Library

Jingle bell toss preschool Christmas game


Jingle Bell Toss

This is a fun Christmas game for preschoolers that will take a little hand and eye coordination. Find the instructions on Playground Park Bench

build a snowman preschool game


Build a Snowman

Roll the dice to build a snowman. This looks so cute and is a fun game for little kids to play. Find the instructions on Home Grown Friends

north pole toss Christmas game


North Pole Toss

This ring toss Christmas game is so cute! The kids will love ringing the north pole. Find this on Home Confetti

Christmas bowling game


Christmas Cans Bowling Game

This is a fun Christmas Knockdown Game for the kids to have fun playing. They will love using the rubber ball to bowl or knock the cans down. find the intructions on Keeping it Simple

Guess that Smell Christmas Game to Play


Guess the Smell Christmas Game

Use old coffee cans or covered jars to hide the scented Christmas objects inside so kids can guess the object in the jar. Find Guess that Smell Christmas game.

Reindeer Toss Preschool Christmas game to play


Reindeer Toss Game

This reindeer toss game is so much fun to play and perfect for a classroom party game! Find this game at Mrs. Richardson’s Class

cup stack preschool Christmas game


Santa Hat Stacking Game

Preschoolers can test their balancing skills with this fun Christmas stacking game. Find it on Lalymom

toilet paper snowman preschool game


Toilet Paper Snowman Game

Kids will have so much fun wrapping each other in a fun race to make snowmen

Find on Come Together Kids

snowman ball toss Christmas game


Snowman Ball Toss Game

So fun! Toss rubber ball snowmen into a large snowman bucket. Find this game on Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

15 Classroom Party Games for the holidays with kids - www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com


Olaf Bowling Game

Use paper towel rolls and a Stryofoam ball to make an Olaf Snowman Bowling

Christmas gift hunt game


Catch a Snowflake Christmas Gift Hunt Game

Kids have so much fun popping snowflakes and finding their Christmas gifts during this Christmas Gift Hunt Game.

That’s it for the games. I think that should do it! I hope you’ve found something you can use

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~ Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

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