How to Make Your Own Christmas Memory Game

This Memory Game is such a fun and easy game to make and play. Make this Christmas Memory Game for your next holiday party or for a fun family game night. Easy to adapt for Christmas or any time of the year.

Christmas memory match game

How to Make Your Own Christmas Memory Game

This Memory Match Game is a cinch to put together and so much fun to play.

What I love about this Christmas Game:

  • it’s a fun homemade game
  • memory match is always a family favorite
  • it’s easy to set up
  • this game is a great brain exercise
  • this Hershey Kiss Memory Game can be adapted to any holiday or season

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Christmas memory matching game


Where can I find stickers small enough to fit a Hershey Kiss?

I found my stickers at Amazon, but you can probably find little stickers at any craft store

How far in advance can I make this fun Christmas Memory Game?

As long as your house is not too hot to melt the chocolates, you can make this game several days in advance

Storing the game: 

Store this game in a container in a room that is temperature controlled as to not melt your candy game

Christmas memory matching game

Tips and tricks for this game:

  • get small stickers that have a good adhesive and that have matching pairs on the sticker sheets
  • make sure to shuffle the Hershey Kisses before games
  • this game is great for all ages

If you are ready to play this fun game, let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need: 

Here are my top Amazon picks for this fun game: 

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Supplies Needed…

  • an even number of Hershey Kisses – at least 10 for little kids, but more for older kids and adults. I used 40 and it was the perfect amount for a challenging game
  • small Christmas or Holiday themed stickers – I used foil stickers

How do you set up  Memory Match?

  • without looking at the picture, place the game pieces so the picture side is down in even rows on a flat surface
  • mix them up, if necessary


How do you play Memory Match Game?

  • Taking turns, turn 2 game pieces over to see if they match
  • If they do match – take those game pieces for yourself and  continue on – trying to find matches
  • If the game pieces do not match, show them to the other players and set them back exactly where you found them
  • It is the next player’s turn
  • This goes on until they are all matched up
  • Players should count their matches to see who wins
  • The player with the most matches wins the game
  • Reset to play again

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