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Spoons Card Game {Fun for All Ages!}

Spoons Card Game is such a fun game to play with the family. I think it’s the perfect game for all ages. Kids, Teens, and Adults have a blast competing in this family-friendly game.

spoons card game

Spoons Card Game

 When I was growing up, our family played a lot of fun card games. Those were the days of spontaneous visits from friends. When friends would just show up after dinner to visit and catch up.

I remember Rook being a family favorite and of course the Spoons Card Game! I’ll have to research how to play Rook and post it for you on the site. 

I remember how competitive I was. It was a little glimpse into my growing competitive nature.

Fast forward decades later and I have no problem taking my kids out in a game of laser tag, a relay race, or a friendly game of spoons! It’s so bad.

If you love playing games with the family, you have come to the right place. You’ll love Come on Six – A fun family game to play. Here’s a fun game to show you – The Saran Wrap Game is so hilarious and here’s its echo-friendly version – Toilet Paper Wrap Game Another hilarious game is Paper Plate Pictionary

spoons card game

Now that I’ve got you a little intrigued by this card game spoons, a fun family game, let’s answer some questions you might have and I’ll show you How to Play Spoons.


What Do I Need to Play Spoons? 

A deck of cards and spoons. You’ll need one less spoon than the number of players. Example: For five players, you’ll need 4 spoons

What is the Object of the Spoons Game?

To get a 4 of a kind, and not be the player without a spoon at each round. If you are without a spoon, then you are assigned an S from the word SPOONS. Then, the next time, you’ll get a P, and so on until you spell SPOONS – at which point you are out of the game
The last one standing not having spelled SPOONS – wins the game

How are Cards Passed out in Spoons?

Someone is assigned to be the dealer. The deck of cards is placed by them. They grab a card and decide if they want to keep it or pass it on.
If the card is not kept…If they decide to pass it on, the player to their right receives it, and then they decide whether to keep it or not.
If they keep the card, then they take a card from the ones they are holding and pass that one on to the right

What happens when the Cards Get Back around to the Dealer?

The last person before the dealer starts a discard pile. The cards never reach back to the dealer, unless nobody has gotten 4 of a kind. In that case, shuffle the cards and place them by the dealer to keep the game going.

What happens when you get a 4 of a kind in the spoons card game?

That player quickly, and sneakily grabs a spoon. This usually always starts a frenzy of people grabbing for a spoon.

spoons game

Are you ready to play this hilarious spoons game? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need:  

Here’s what you’ll need to play the Spoons Card Game…

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 or more players
  • 1 deck of cards
  • spoons – 1 less spoon for the number of people playing
  • Example: *If 10 people are playing you’ll need 9 spoons. If 6 people are playing, you’ll need 5 spoons. If 8 people are playing, you’ll need 7 spoons, and so on…
spoons card game


Here’s a quick video to show you how we play the spoons game…

So How Do You Play a Spoons Card Game?

How to Play Spoons – Spoons Card Game Rules

  1. Players should sit at a table or on the flour with spoons in the middle of the players
  2. Shuffle the deck of cards and give 4 to each player
  3. The remaining cards will be used as a draw pile
  4. Choose a leader to deal cards
  5. The leader should choose a card from the draw pile and decide if they want to keep it to help them make 4 of a kind or pass it on if it doesn’t fit into their 4 a-kind strategy
  6. If they keep the card, The leader should pass on one card from their hand (leaving them with 4 in their hand) to the person on the right
  7. If the dealer doesn’t like the card, then they pass that card to the right
  8. The person receiving the card then decides which card to get rid of and then passes one to the player on their right
  9. The last person, before the leader will just discard a card into a discard pile in the center of the table
  10. Play continues at a pretty fast pace with cards being passed from player to player in a circle
  11. When one player matches 4 cards and has 4 of a kind in their hand, they should secretly grab a spoon from the center of the table (Don’t announce it as my child did in the video)
  12. Those that notice it should also grab a spoon
  13. Once players catch on they will all start scrambling to grab a spoon
  14. The one player that is too slow to react, will sadly be without a spoon and lose the game – That person is assigned an S from the word SPOONS. If they lose a second time, they get the P, and so on until they spell SPOONS. The loser from each round is assigned a letter until they spell SPOONS. When that happens, they are out of the game
  15. Reshuffle the cards and let the person that lost the game act as the leader and play again and again
spoons card game


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