Egg Rolling Race Easter Game for Adults, Kids, and Teens to Play

Are you looking for a fun Easter Game for Adults, Kids, and even Teens to play? It’s not the easiest holiday to find games for the whole family. I’ve gotcha’ covered with this fun game. If you can crawl across the floor, you can play this fun Easter Game! Come on in and I’ll share this easy game to play this Easter or Just for Fun…

Egg rolling race for Easter

Egg Rolling Race

Doesn’t this look like a hoot?! We had a lot of fun trying to keep the egg in a somewhat straight line with our noses.

Egg rolling race

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As you can see, the egg has a tendency to get off track.

Egg rolling race for Easter

This would make a great Minute To Win It Game – just time it! The first to cross the line (with an uncracked egg) still wins that round.

Here’s What You’ll Need for this Easy Easter Game for Adults, Kids, and Teens – the whole family, really…


  • Boiled eggs (1 per team) – to make it really festive, dye them!
  • *I’d have a few extra on hand – just in case one cracks
  • A large and hard surface to roll the eggs across – you can play this inside or take it outside to the yard

Instructions for this Egg Rolling Game – An Easter Game for Adults, Kids, and Teens…

  • Mark a starting line and a finish line
  • Give players a boiled egg and have them set their eggs down on the starting line, and get on their hands and knees behind the egg
  • When you yell go, players should race to roll the egg across the finish without cracking it – using ONLY THEIR NOSES!

So fun and so super easy, right?!

Happy Easter Everyone!

~ Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do

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