Over 37 Awesome Summer Outdoor Games to Play with the Kids

Outdoor Summer Games the entire family will enjoy. These are easy DIY game ideas are perfect for hot summer days and summer parties with kids, teens, and adults. Keep the kids busy with over 37 Outdoor Games to Play, perfect for entertaining them and their friends.

summer outdoor games for kids
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The Best Outdoor Game for Kids

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to talk about how to keep the kids playing outside. These awesome outdoor games will keep everyone happy and coming back for more fun in the sun.

These games look like they are so much fun to play. They are perfect for those end-of-the-year field days at school and family reunions. Ofcourse, they are also the perfect outdoor games for your own backyard, as well.The kids will have a complete blast this summer, and I’m guessing so will the kids in the neighborhood!

Here are some of the most exciting Fun Outdoor Family Games I could find on the web.

1. FireFighter Water Relay Race

firefighter water relay race

Firefighter Race Water Game – Filling the bucket while adding in a soapy wet slip n slide!

2. Pass the Water Relay Race Game

pass the water game
Pass the Water Relay Game

See who can fill spill the least amount of water and fill up their bucket the most in this fun Pass the Water Summer Relay Race

3. Human Ring Toss

human ring toss outdoor summer game

A fun twist on ring toss. The kids playing this ring toss are trying to ring their teammates. Human Ring Toss is a hilarious summer game to play.

4. Wet Sponge Relay Race

sponge relay

This hilarious summer relay game will get you wet, but you’ll have fun doing it. This Wet Sponge Relay Race is hilarious for any age.

5. Beach Ball Relay Races

beach ball summer relay race game

This summer relay game is competitive and fun for big or small groups. You’ll love this hilarious Beach Ball Relay Race at your next summer party.

6. Water Balloon Volleyball

water balloon volleyball

Water balloon volleyball. What a fun lawn game by Urban Funny Farm

7. Pool Noodle Ring Toss

pool noodle ring toss

Pool Noodle Ring Toss. Such a fun and easy game by Mission to Save

8. Duck, Duck, Splash

duck duck splash

Duck, Duck, Splash. A fun outdoor game for an outdoor party by Inspiration Made Simple

9. Beach Ball Blaster

beach ball blaster

Each team has to use water pressure to get their ball across the finish line first. Use water guns to blast the ball across a finish line.

Beach Ball Blaster – source unknown

10.Water Balloon Baseball

water balloon baseball

You’re sure to get a refreshing blast of water on a hot summer day with this fun summer game. Water Balloon Baseball by Overstuffed

11. Giant Jenga for Kids

tA DIY Awesome Soft Giant Jenga Game For Kids - My kids couldn't stop playing it. For parties, anytime, summer and backyard fun! KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

Giant Jenga for Kids! What a fun game for an outdoor backyard BBQ. Perfect for young kids by Kid Friendly Things To Do

12. Pool Noodle Field Hockey

outdoor field hockey

Outdoor Field Hockey – fun for a large group of kids by Family Disney

12. Squirt Gun Water Race

squirt gun water race

Squirt Gun Water Races by Design Dazzle

13. Water Balloon Hunt

Water Balloon Hunt a Fun Summer Game

A fun Summer Twist on Easter Egg Hunts –  Water Balloon Hunt and Game

Watch my Vido on Playing the Water Balloon Hunt

14. How to Make Sponge Water Bombs

sponge water bombs

Sponger water bombs can be used in so many summer games. How to make Sponge Water Bombs by The Chic Site

15. Ladybug Tic Tac Toe

tic tack toe game outdoor

Tic Tac Toe with painted rocks. Such a cute idea for a summer picnic by Atta Girl Says

16. Pool Noodle Tic Tac Toe

pool noodle tic tac toe

Use different colored pool noodle pieces to play this fun summer outdoor game. Pool Noodle Tic Tac Toe by Mission to Save

17. Pool Noodle Car Races

pool noodle races

This looks like the perfect way to entertain the kids this summer. Pool Noodle Races by Ramblings From Utopia

18. Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Try this classic Outdoor Summer Game made with sidewalk chalk. Perfect for a driveway or sidewalk game.  – A Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

19. Outdoor Angry Birds Game

angry birds game for outside

Angry Birds Game made with cardboard boxes by My 4 Misters and Their Sister

20. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

frisbee tic tac toe

I would be terrible at this game, but my kids would love it! Frisbee Tic Tac Toe. Fun for the whole family by BHG

21. Spray Painted Twister for Summer

summer twister in grass

Summer Twister with spray paint circles by Eucharisteo

22. Shaving Cream Twister

colored shaving cream messy twister

Colored Shaving Cream – Messy Twister – No Source

23. Milk Jug Water Balloon Toss

milk jug water balloon toss

Easy Milk Jug Water Balloon Toss Game to beat the summer heat – by Kid Friendly Things To Do

24. Glow in the dark Bowling

night outdoor bowling

Use water bottles and glow sticks to make a fun outdoor summer night night Bowling Game by Growing a Jeweled Rose

25. Frozen Popsicle Chalk

frozen popsicle chalk

Have a drawing station at Field Day with Frozen Popsicle Chalk. A fun twist on sidewalk chalk from Reading Confetti

26. Fill the Bucket Water Game

fill the bucket water game


Who can fill the bucket the fastest? What a fun summer game to play! Fill the Bucket water sponge game from The Resourceful Mama

27. Flamingo Ring Toss Game

flamingo ring toss

Plastic Flamingos are the perfect summer display for this ring toss game. Flamingo Ring Toss by Building Our Story

28. Rock Tic Tac Toe

easy tic tac toe game

Easy Tic Tac Toe Idea. A classic game to play by Tater Tots and Jello


potato sack races

Potato Sack Races with burlap sacks by BHG

30. DIY Tetherball

DIY tetherball

I can’t wait to try this nostalgic summer game. DIY Tetherball from Simply Kierste

31. Giant Backyard Checkers Game

giant backyard checkers

The kids would have a blast playing this fun giant game of checkers. Giant Backyard Checkers by Hallmark

32. Coca-Cola Water Bowling Game

coca cola bowling game outdoor

Use water pressure to take down the soda pins in this fun summer game. Coca-Cola Bowling Game by Polka Dot Chair

33. Old-Fashioned Tug of War

tug of war on milk crates

Tug of War on milk crates. I can not find the source to link to for this game.

34. PVC Pipe Boat Races

pipe boat races outdoor game

This looks like so much fun. Use water bottles or squirt guns to propel the boats forward. PVC Pipe Boat Races from My Mix of Six

35. Backyard Mini Golf

backyard mini golf

I’ve always wanted to do something like this in our backyard. The kids would love it! Backyard Mini Golf from EHow

36. Giant Crab Soccer

crab soccer outdoor game


Crab Soccer – Photo Credit Kween Mama


  • Each person on each team is assigned a number 1-12 or however many you have on a team
  • When your number is called, you face off with the opponent with the same number
  • Teammates can help but can not make the goal (getting the ball across a line)
  • All of this is done by walking on hands and feet – like a crab

37. Human Foosball Outdoor Game

DIY Human Foosball Game

Human Foosball from Kid Friendly Things To Do

38. Lei Necklace Relay Race

Another fun relay race for the outdoors. Kids and teens will love racing to see who can scoop up all of the lei necklaces first in this Lei Necklace Relay Race  

Have an awesome time this summer with these fun backyard games and DIY Outdoor Games!

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do

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