Pass the Water Game {Fun Summer Relay Race!}

If you are looking for a fun summer game to play at your next summer party, this Pass the Water Game is one you’ll want to check out. This fun relay race will likely get you wet to cool off on a hot summer day. Perfect for large groups.

pass the water game

Pass the Water Game

It’s hard for me to pass up a fun outdoor game to play with the family. Especially ones in which they get wet, like sponge relay, milk jug water balloon toss, and bucket guard water baseball. There are many variations of this water game. This particular version is so fun and easily adaptable to any size or age. You can play this game with a small or large group. It’s perfect for young kids, teens, and adults. It’s a fun and easy game to play in summer.

Here’s what I love about this game:

  • easy to adapt
  • you’ll get wet so it’s perfect for hot days
  • there are very few supplies needed
  • you can play right in the backyard
  • perfect for all ages

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pass the water game


How many people are needed to play pass the water game?

In order to make this a fun relay game, I would suggest at least 4 or more players divided into teams

Will I get Wet playing Pass the Water?

You will most likely get wet playing this game

Will I need Chairs for this game?

No. You can use chairs if you want, players can stand up in a line, or sit down on the ground to play this game

pass the water game

Tips and Tricks for playing this game:

  • I found it was more fun when we timed the teams. Otherwise, you’ll have some teams that go slow and strategic to make sure they don’t spill one drop. Where’s the fun in that?
  • A fun idea that my kids told me they suggested but I didn’t hear is to put the bucket that goes at the back of the line “behind” the last player. I put it in front of them which is definitely not nearly as funny as it would be to watch the last person try to dump their cup of water behind them into a bucket
  • you can use chairs if you want, but if you have young people playing the game, it’s just as much fun to have them sit on a towel in a line or directly on the grass
  • try to evenly space the teams so they are side by side so one team doesn’t have an advantage over the other
  • ending buckets should match for each team so you know who has the most water at a glance
pass the water game

The object of the Game:

Pass cup fulls of water backward to teammates so they can catch the water before they pass it backward advancing to the back of the line and finally into a bucket at the end of the line. The team that ends in a specific amount of time with the most water filled in their bucket wins the game.

Are you ready to play this fun water game? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need:

Supplies Needed for Pass the Water:

(for each team)

  • empty cups
  • 2 buckets – one filled with water
  • optional: chairs to sit in

Game Set Up

  • set out equal amounts of water into buckets and place them at the beginning of each team’s start line. They should be directly in front of the first person in line
  • give empty cups to each player
  • players should line up behind buckets and be parallel with opposing teams and evenly spaced
  • an empty bucket should either go in front of the last player (easier) or behind the last player (challenging and funny)

How to Play

  • Set a timer for one or two minutes
  • Yell ‘Go’
  • Without looking behind them, teams should start passing cup fulls of water from the start bucket to the end bucket as fast as they can trying not to lose water from their cups
  • The last person in line will need to pour their water into the ending bucket
  • Keep going until time is up or the start bucket is empty
  • The team with the most water in their ending bucket when the timer is done – wins!

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