You are currently viewing Firefighter Race – A Water Game for Kids and Teens!

Firefighter Race – A Water Game for Kids and Teens!

Keep the kids entertained and cool off this summer with this fun Water Game for Kids! Firefighter Race is easy to set up and take down. Get the kids moving and enjoying outside, today! Come on in and I’ll show you how to set this fun game up to enjoy this summer…

Firefighter Race - A Water Game for Kids and Teens

  • Relay games are always fun for kids. Adding water elevates the fun even more! 

Here’s a fun video to show you this game in action.

kids play a Fun outdoor summer water game

  • Do you see the slipping and the sliding? So much fun! 

Setting up a fun water game for kids and teens

  •  We have to make it a little more challenging for older kids, so that’s where the slippery soap comes in. Hee! Hee! 

Kids playing an outdoor summer water game

  • Then, let the fun race begin! 

Playing a fun outdoor summer game with a slip n slide

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Here’s What You’ll Need to set up for your own Firefighter Race – A Water Game for Kids and Teens 

(this is set up for 2 teams)

  • A large sheet of Plastic Sheeting – I found a roll of 10’x25′ on Amazon that worked perfectly! 
  • ground stakes 
  • 4 buckets – I found 4 at the Dollar Tree
  • Soap – With younger kids, I’d worry about it getting into their eyes. You could use “tear free” shampoo to help resolve that problem
  • You’ll need access to a water hose
  • Plastic cups 
  • Players – The more the better! Just divide them up evenly

Instructions on setting up Firefighter Race 

Making a soapy slip n slide

  • First, stake your plastic sheeting down on all 4 corners
  • Spread the soap out over the plastic sheeting

Adding water to the slip n slide

  • Spray water all over the plastic sheeting and the soap to get it sudsy and slippery

Filling bucket with water for summer game

  • place 2 buckets on one end of the slide – near the corners
  • place 2 more on the other end – near the corners
  • Fill 2 of the buckets that are on the same side with water

Playing an fun outdoor summer water game

  • Place a cup in each filled water bucket and have kids line up behind it into 2 even teams

kids playing a summer water game relay race

  • When you’re ready, kids should scoop a cup of water out of the filled water bucket and run as fast as they can to the empty bucket to fill it
  • They want to run fast, but if they fall – they risk spilling their water and they won’t have any to fill the empty bucket with


Filling up a bucket with water during a water relay race

  • You can time the race and yell stop. Look to see which team’s empty bucket has been filled up the most
  • Or – you can let them go until the teams run out of water and see who has the most in their bucket they were filling up

That’s it! Play it over and over again. Another big bonus – the plastic sheeting makes a terrific slip n slide! 

Happy Summer!&nbsp

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Water Game Relay Race

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