Toss the Water {Hilarious Water Game!}

Toss the Water is a fun Summer Water Race Game to play at parties or with family in the backyard. This fun water game is the perfect outdoor game for a hot summer day. It’s easy to put together and so much fun to play.

Toss the Water Game for summer

Toss the Water Game – A Fun Water Race

This water game is a hilarious water race to watch and so much fun to play for any age. From kids to adults, they will all enjoy this fun family-friendly game.

What I Love about this Game

  • easy to set up with very few supplies
  • it’s an inexpensive game to buy supplies for – you might even have the supplies already at home
  • fun to play for all ages
  • perfect for a hot sunny day
  • a great party game or family reunion game

water toss summer game to play


How Many People are Needed to Play this Water Game?

You’ll need 2-3 people per team for this game

How Many Teams Can Participate in this Game?

As many teams as you want, provided you have space in your yard and 2 buckets plus 2 cups per team

Can I Have More than 2 People Per Team?

Yes – the best way to add more than 2 people is to rotate players after each one has a turn – OR – add a third player as a runner. Place the bucket far away from player 2 (the one catching the water) and have player 3 run to pour it into the bucket

After playing this game, everyone concluded that it would be too hard to get water in the bucket if they had to toss it to multiple people in a line.

If you want to try and add more people…Place people only a couple of feet apart, it might be possible to add more people per team. The only problem is that some of the water gets splashed onto people or falls don’t the ground, so after throwing it multiple times there might not be enough water to put into a bucket.

What’s the Best Way to Add More than 2 People per team?

Switching people out after each person has a turn to throw or catch the water

Add a third player that has to run to the bucket to pour the water in


Tips and Tricks for Playing this Water Race Game:

  • use buckets that are the same for this game. It will help when judging who has more at the end of the game
  • fill buckets to exactly the same place to make it fair
  • for a challenging game and place people really far apart – we did about 5 feet apart
  • to make this game easier, place players closer together
  • you can also add a running portion to this game by adding a 3rd player per team. Have this person stand next to the person catching the water. Place the bucket far enough away to make it challenging for them to run and dump the water, then run the cup back to the person waiting at the start of the game

toss the water game to play

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The Object of the Game

Toss water to players in the hopes of filling their team’s bucket up. The team with the bucket that has the most water wins the game.

Are you ready to play this fun summer game? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need: 

Supplies Needed for this game (per team)

  • 2 buckets – the Dollar Tree sells buckets. That is exactly where I got mine
  • 2 cups – we used plastic Solo party cups
  • water

Setting up this Game

  • fill one bucket for each team with water  – making sure they have equal amounts of water
  • place the buckets filled with water at the start of the game
  • put an empty bucket several feet away from the filled bucket
  • place empty cups next to each bucket

Playing the Game

  • Players should each stand by the buckets
  • The player by the filled bucket starts the game
  • Players should scoop water into their empty cups and toss it to the player standing by the empty bucket
  • That player has to try and catch the water mid-air and then dump it into their bucket
  • Once everyone’s filled water bucket is empty the game is over
  • The team with the most water in the bucket at the finish wins





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