Jelly Bean Fear Factor Game {Fun for all Ages!}

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If you have an adventurous family that likes to have fun on game night, then this Jelly Bean Fear Factor Game is the game for you. It’s a perfect indoor game for kids, teens, and adults who want to test their bravery. Easy to put together and so much fun to play for everyone. Come on in and I’ll show you how to play the hilarious Jelly Bean Fear Factor Game

Jelly Bean Fear Factor Game

Jelly Bean Fear Factor Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults…

If you love gathering around for the family game night, then you might love playing Spoons or Come on Six 

fun game for kids and teens

This would be a fun holiday game to play with the family.

fun indoor game for teens

It would also be perfect for a church game with kids and teens.

Fear Factor Game for family

The only requirement is having a sense of humor and adventure.

indoor game for kids

You never know what flavor you’ll have to taste. It could be something nice like “juicy pear” or it could be “smelly socks”.

fun game to play with family

You’ll have a 50% chance of grabbing a good vs. bad-tasting jelly bean. If I haven’t scared you off yet, then I think this hilariously fun game is for you and your family. Don’t worry, you’ll have so much fun!

hilarious game for kids and teens

Here’s What You’ll Need for Jelly Bean Fear Factor…

  • Bean Boozled Jelly Beans
  • *I bought the jelly beans in a handy-dandy dispenser from Amazon. It’s not a requirement, but it was nice to have
  • A list of jelly beans that are going to be in the tasting. I wrote them out on a sheet of paper and had them handy so kids could glance at them
  • Masks are recommended
  • Water bottles or something to drink is recommended
  • Paper Plates are recommended

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Tips and Tricks for Jelly Bean Fear Factor

  • Masks are a good idea so players aren’t tempted to look at the jelly bean
  • It is a good idea to have a  drink nearby each player. They might want to have a drink to get the taste of gross jelly beans out of their mouth
  • Paper plates or empty cups should be available for players. Have a plate handy for players that simply can not swallow a disgusting jelly bean flavor.
  • It is helpful for the person in charge to have the Jelly Bean Graphic that most like came with the jelly beans.

Setting up the game

  • Set out masks, plates and a drink next to each player’s seat
  • Have a list written of possible jelly bean flavors for players
  • Jelly beans for the game can be passed in a dispenser or another option is to have several already poured onto a plate to choose from

Point System for Fear Factor

  • Players should be awarded two points for eating and swallowing their jelly bean
  • If the player guesses their jelly bean flavor correctly, then they get two more points
  • You can have a point system that subtracts points too. It’s up to you to change it to fit your needs

Playing Jelly Bean Fear Factor:

  • Decide whether you’ll compete individually or in teams
  • If you are playing in teams, then divide players up into teams
  • Have a place for everyone to sit down
  • *You can have a Fear Factor Station with 2 seats and contestants can sit at the table when it’s their turn while teammates look on, or if you have enough chairs, everyone can sit down at one table
  • When it’s their turn, the player should put close their eyes, or put their mask on and pick out a jelly bean
  • *They’ll have to show you the jelly bean so you know if they guess it correctly
  • *Each jelly bean has a certain color and pattern – refer to the graphic that comes with the jelly beans
  • If they swallow the jelly bean, they get 2 points for themself or for their team
  • They get one chance to guess the jelly bean – Correct answers receive 2 more points
  • Play as many rounds as you can handle and have fun!

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