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Each year the Leprechaun Visits our house. The kids try to catch them, but the Leprechauns always evade capture. However, they leave so many fun tricks and treats behind making St. Patrick’s Day fun for the whole family.

St. Patrick's Day Fun With Kids

Aside from my mother making green mashed potatoes, my family really never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. A few years ago, a Kindergarten teacher explained to my oldest daughter that the leprechauns will come if you put a banana in your shoe on St. Patrick’s Day Eve. The leprechauns have been Rockin’ it out, ever since

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Yesterday was no exception. And these leprechauns, I hope will be assigned to our house each and every year! They started with a note that basically asked the kids to pick up the toys so they can run around the house and play all day. Sally and Hank explained that they were much too small to navigate through the mess on the floor! They promised the kids to return in one hour with some tricks and treats! Here’s what the note said!:

St. Patrick's Day Fun With Kids

Dear Kids,

Sally O’Mally and I, Hank McFrank were assigned to your house. We can’t wait to play tricks and leave treats for you all! But we are very tiny. And, you see we can’t move around a messy house. If you will clean the toys off of the basement and bedroom floors, we will be sure to have fun with you, today! We will check back in 1 hour! We are so lucky to have 4 kids to play with, today. We’ll see you soon with our first trick!

P.S. – Sally O’Mally loves to see beautifully made beds. She leaves rainbow candy on the pillows.

They left this note on top of a recipe book, that I happened to need – immediately. When Abi went to get my book, she read the note, and the screaming began. Boy-O-Boy, the toys were put away pronto.

St. Patrick's Day Fun With Kids

Then, the tricks began! More notes came with each trick. The leprechauns were so impressed with the clean floors. They left some treats and pulled some pranks on the kids. Of course, they watched the kids see if they were behaving between each hourly trick and treat.

St. Patrick's Day Fun With Kids

When the kids were caught being super helpful, the treats were super fun. And, so were the tricks! While the kids were busy being amazed by the trick. Sally and Hank were busy leaving treats on their beds.

St. Patrick's Day Fun With Kids

This continued until dinner time. And, the leprechauns had to go home. They explained they were worn out from all of the fun. But, they would return in one year.

St. Patrick's Day Fun With Kids

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