Bucket Guard Water Balloon Game for Kids, Teens and Adults to Play

Bucket Guard Such a fun Water Balloon Game for kids, teens and adults to play! This is NO DOUBT one my kids most favorite summer game to play. Use baseball bats to guard the bucket from water balloons. Perfect for summer outdoor parties and backyard fun! Play this fun water balloon game with small or large groups! Come on in and I’ll share how to play this fun game this summer…

Bucket Guard Water Balloon Game for Kids Teens and Adults to Play

I love the action shot of the balloon changing shapes as it flies through the air. 

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Water Balloon Game for Teens


This was a hot day, and my kids loved it when they popped on them.

Water Balloon Game for Minute To Win It Summer Games

This Water Balloon Game would make a great Minute To Win It Game too. Just time the teams to see how many balloons were successfully thrown into the bucket in 1 minute. 

Water Balloon Toss Game for Kids

Here’s What You’ll Need for this Water Balloon Game for Kids…

  • Buckets to guard over – 1 per team – You can adjust the size to the ages of your players. Ours were 1 gallon buckets. If it’s little kids, you can get big tubs, older kids need might need more of a challenge. A regular bucket would work well
  • A large tub of water – we used an 18 gallon tub (a plastic swimming pool would also work) to store the water balloons in
  • Water Balloons – several filled an tied
  • Plastic Baseball Bats – 1 per team

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Instructions for setting up this Bucket Guard Water Balloon Game for youth…

  • Find a good space in the yard to spread out – I spaced the kids about 15 ft. away from each other 
  • Fill up a large tub halfway with water and set the filled water balloons into the water filled tub and place it on one end of your game space
  • Place buckets and bats together on the other end of the space – spread them a few feet apart from each other so teams have room to swing bats without hurting each other

Playing Bucket Guard Water Balloon Game 

Playing Bucket Guard Water Balloon Game

  • The object is to get as many water balloons into the bucket 
  • The challenge is that the opposing team is standing guard over the bucket with baseball bats to make sure the balloon DOES NOT go in!
  • Divide teams up – half will be throwing in, half will be guarding
  • Have team 1 and team 2 throwers line up by the balloon tub
  • Have team 1 and team 2 guards stand behind the opposing team’s buckets that have been placed about 15 feet away from them
  • When you are ready, yell Go! 
  • Players should take turns launching as many balloons as they can into the buckets (you can opt to let them only throw one or up to three balloons before going to the back of the line)
  • Guards should be ready – over the bucket – with bats! They should swing at the balloons so they pop and don’t make it into the bucket
  • The guards should rotate through players at the same time the throwers do 
  • Time them for about 1 minute and yell stop! 
  • Players should switch from guards to throwers and then play all over again
  • Count the number of balloons that successfully made it into the buckets
  • The team with the most balloons in the bucket – WINS! 

Happy Summer!

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do 

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