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This haunted castle bean bag toss is a great addition to a Halloween party. Easy to make and so much fun. Perfect for a Halloween Game and activity.

bean bag toss Halloween Game

Haunted Castle Bean Bag Toss Halloween Game:

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Are you ready to make this Halloween Bean Bag Toss? Let’s make sure you have the supplies you need: 

  • 3 Cardboard Boxes (2 small and 1 large) – I purchased mine at Wal-Mart – I bought 2 small and 1 large, but you’ll want to open them up in the aisle and judge which ones you think would work for the castle you’re making
  • Black Spray Paint – Get the cheap stuff this time. You don’t want a slick, thick coating
  • Scissors
  • Bean Bags

Fun Spooky Accessories Below:

  • Gray Paint for bricks
  • Fake Spider Webs
  • Fun spooky accessories – like a ghost to hang in a window, spiders, skeletons, etc…
  • A strobe light or a flickering battery operated Jack-O-Lantern light
  • Glow Sticks


  • Assemble the large box, and seal the top and bottom
  • Face aside toward you that is free of any writing
  • halloween game, Hotel Transylvania game, birthday game
  • Cut a larch arch in the center bottom for the door, do not completely cut this out, just pull it open like a draw bridge
  • Cut two more arches for windows, large enough for bean bags to fit through – do cut these completely out – you can use them as gravestones to decorate the front of the castle!
  • halloween game, Hotel Transylvania game, birthday game
  • Now, Assemble the 2 small boxes, but only seal the bottom this time
  • Pull the four sides of the top-up, so they are standing up, and face the boxes toward you with the cleanest sides in front – free of writing
  • Take the front flap on top, and cut out ridges to resemble the top of a tower.
  • Cut out and arch for a window in each tower – again keeping the arches for gravestones
  • halloween game, Hotel Transylvania game, birthday game
  • Spray paint the 3 boxes – Do not put the paint on thick, it’s OK if some of the brown shows through – just do 1 light coat. It makes a cool old castle effect

Decorating your bean bag game: 

  • halloween game, Hotel Transylvania game, birthday game
  • Cut a little rectangle out of a sponge, and dip the sponge in gray paint. Use the sponge to add bricks to the corners of the castle.
  • halloween game
  • When those are dry, add black puffy paint cracks through the bricks
  • halloween game, Hotel Transylvania game, birthday game
  • Add spider webs, ghosts, glow sticks, and strobe lights

Have Fun with your New Bean Bag Toss!

Here’s A Tip For A Carnival Party In A Classroom – Divide the class into groups. Give out goody bags for them to collect their carnival prizes. Time the stations, and let the kids go through the game over and over until the timer goes off and they have to move to the next station. Have an adult at each station. To keep it exciting, add more challenges for the kids each time. Like, try to get it through the tiny window, this time – just make sure they get enough chances to successfully do it. Give out a little novelty prize before they move to the next station.

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com –

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