Paper Plate Pictionary {Hilarious Group Game Idea!}

Paper Plate Pictionary is such a fun family game or game for groups to play. It’s a great game for kids, teens, and adults. Perfect for holiday parties, game night, youth group and classroom parties. You can adapt it for any occasion. This time we played a Christmas version. Come on in and I’ll show you how to play this fun game…

Paper Plate Pictionary - Fun Game to Play

Paper Plate Pictionary – Group Game Idea…

When you can’t see what you are drawing, you can imagine how silly the picture is going to look.

Paper plate Pictionary family game idea

Then, imagine your teammates trying to guess what you’ve drawn.

Paper Plate Pictionary Game Idea for kids and teens

It gets hilarious at times!

Here are the Basic Rules of Pictionary:

  1. The timer starts – the team has 1 minute – total
  2. The player draws a card with a clue on it
  3. The player has five seconds to start drawing the clue
  4. The team has up to the minute timer is up to guess the clue
  5. During this 1 minute time – the player can draw more – if needed to expand on their drawing

Other rules to be considered…

  1. Allowances need to be decided on before play begins – Like: Will you allow singular and plural versions, will you allow general answers or does it need to be specific, etc…
  2. The only letter allowed is an X – and that is only to be used as “X” marks the spot or to cross something out
  3. No numbers either
  4. No pre-arranged clues, like drawing an ear for “sounds like” or lines as number symbols for “how many words”
  5. If you found a card that says “chute”, and you think your team would guess the word “shoot” easier – that’s ok! It doesn’t matter if they guess the wrong defined word as long as it sounds exactly like the original one

 Here’s What You’ll Need for Paper Plate Pictionary –

  • 9-inch paper plates
  • markers, pencils, or pens to draw with
  • Index Card with prewritten clues

Christmas Ideas for your clue cards…

  • *This time we used Christmas related words, so our clue cards read clues like…Rudolph, Santa, Snowman, Bell, Candy Cane, Cookie, Christmas Tree, Angel, Sleigh, Snowflake, Star, Wreath, Holly, Candle, Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread House, Stocking, Poinsetta, Santa Bag, Present, Ornament, Mittens, Bow

How to Play Paper Plate Pictionary –

Paper Plate Pictionary fun holiday game idea

  • *Drawers will take turns on teams
  • *Teams will take turns going
  • The timer is set to one minute
  • The drawer will pick a clue card and decide how to draw it
  • Place a paper plate on the head and draw on the paper plate to represent the clue
  • Show the paper plate to teammates
  • *If needed the drawer can add more to the drawing, but the paper plate must go back on the head to eliminate looking
  • When the team guesses correctly or the minute is up, then the team’s turn is over and it is the other team’s turn
  • Play continues until all clue cards have been used up, or a team has won a certain number of decided on rounds

Paper Plate Pictionary - fun game for teens to play


~ Merry Christmas

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