Beach Ball Relay Race {Fun Outdoor Game!}

What a fun outdoor game to play for any age! This Beach Ball Relay Race is a  blast to play and so much fun to watch. Perfect for large groups, summer games, youth groups, and backyard fun. A good game for kids, teens, and adults. 

beach ball relay race game

Beach Ball Relay Race Outdoor Game to Play

If you are looking for awesome summer games to play, then you have hit the jackpot. I have so many fun outdoor games to show you. For example, this Lei Necklace Relay Race is awesome and Toss the Water is a hilarious water game to play.

outdoor game

As you can see, the game gets intense. Beach balls are flying everywhere and it’s a mad dash to the finish line/beach towel.

beach ball summer relay race game

Just look at those smiles. So fun!

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beach ball race backyard summer game

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Are you ready to play Beach Ball Relay Race? Let’s make sure you have everything you need…

Here’s What You’ll Need for Beach Ball Race

  • beach balls – 1 per team
  • yard space to run
  • beach towels are a good marker to make a finish line, but you can use anything you have around to mark it
  • players – at least 4

Setting up for the game…

  • define a space for the start – you can mark it with a stick, a beach towel or a land mark
  • do the same for the finish line – this should be pretty far away from the starting line
  • have beach balls blown up and ready for each team
  • divide players into an even amount per team

How to play Beach Ball Race

  • Pick two players from each team to start the game. If there are more players, they should line up in pairs behind them
  • Players who are starting the game should line up at the starting point – facing the finish line which is a good distance away
  • They should place a beach ball between their bodies
  • Players can hold onto each other, but no hands on the ball
  • When you yell go, the teams of 2, should run to the finish line with the ball between them and back to the players waiting to go next
  • Play continues until everyone has gone
  • The team that finishes first is the winner
  • *note – if the ball drops, the pair or players must stop and replace it between them before moving forward 

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  1. Brenda

    What size beach ball did you use for the relay?

    1. Melissa

      Oh gosh. I didn’t even think about the size. It is a traditional size which is 20 inches.