Balloon Volleyball {A Fun Indoor or Outdoor Game for All Ages}

Balloon Volleyball is a fun and simple game to play for all ages. It’s a great game to get everyone involved in and so much fun. Perfect for outdoor picnics, in the backyard or a fun indoor game to play at home. Come on in and I’ll share how to play Balloon Volleyball…

balloon volleyball at home

Balloon Volleyball Game

balloon volleyball indoor game

Balloon  Volleyball is a game that can be played standing up, sitting down, indoors, or outdoors.

balloon volleyball at home

It’s easy to play and set up, making it a great game to play at home or take to a party.

Here’s What You’ll Need For Balloon Volleyball:

  • 1 balloon – blown up with air (have a few more ready just in case the first one pops)
  • Paper Streamer
  • *alternatives to streamer can be a string, a volleyball net or just use masking tape on the floor

Setting up the game: Making the volleyball court

  • Find an open area to play the game so the players have room to move around
  • Find 2 items to tie the paper streamer to that are across from each other – creating your net
  • *I did not have 2 items directly across from each other so we used a stuffed giraffe and a pillar
  • Tie the streamer, string or net to your two items
  • Blow up some balloons
  • Have one ready to go and others in a bag in case the first one pops

Alternatives for setting up the volleyball court:

  • Players can stand in a circle with a line down the middle of the floor

Playing the game:

  • Divide players into two teams
  • Decide on which team serves first
  • Give that team the balloon
  • The team should serve the balloon across the net to the other team
  • Play goes on with each team passing the balloon back and forth across the net without it touching the ground
  • If the balloon touches the ground, the team on the side of the dropped balloon loses that match and a point is awarded to the other side
  • The team to get to 10 points first, wins the game!

Tips for playing Balloon Volleyball:

  • Store extra balloons that are blown up in a bag and ready to replace a popped balloon
  • Alternatives to  a paper streamer net are string, a volleyball net or even a piece of masking tape on the floor as a dividing line
  • Use a beach ball instead of a balloon

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