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Crab Soccer is a fun soccer game that strengthens soccer skills while being downright hilarious! It’s a great game for kids and teens at birthday parties, family outings, youth group and more. Come on in and I’ll show you how to set up and play this easy Soccer Game for Kids and Teens

crab soccer game for kids

This game is a fun and challenging game for kids.

outdoor game for kids to play

You don’t have to have soccer skills to have fun with this game. 

crab soccer game

It’s a fun game for kids of any age and teenagers to play at parties and school events.

soccer game for kids

The game is so easy to set up, too. Just, find an open space, set up a couple of nets or mark off a space for goals and grab a soccer ball. 

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Here’s what you’ll need to set up for a Crab Soccer Game:

  • 2 nets or something to signify your goal area like spray painted lines 
  • 1 soccer ball
Crab soccer game to play

Setting Up for Crab Soccer:

  • 2 goals need to be established at either end of the field – use anything to mark the goal or use nets
  • Find a center line and place goals about 5 ft. on either side of the center
  • Define the sidelines
  • Divide into 2 equal teams

Playing Crab Soccer:

  • Play will begin in the center of the field with each team on their side of the line
  • *you can spread kids out like soccer players would be, or let them all lineup opposite of each other at the center line
  • Players should get in the “crab position”  – Sit down with knees and hips up, using their hands and feet to walk with
  • They should try to stay in that position for the entire game – At least at the moment, they are actively touching, pursuing or defending. Then, they must be in the “crab” position
  • The starting players may use their feet – only, to kick and pass the ball to teammates and toward their goal
  • The other team should try to defend their goal and steal the ball to gain possession

Out of Bounds:

  • If the ball goes out of bounds, it is on the team that last touched the ball 
  • The other team will gain possession at the point the ball left the field

Winning Crab Soccer:

  • You can play Crab Soccer against the clock, with the team at the end of 2 (5 minutes) halves and the most scores winning
  • Or, the first team to a certain amount of points wins


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