10 Awesome Minute to Win It Thanksgiving Games

These Thanksgiving games are perfect for kids, teens, and adults. The whole family will enjoy these hilarious Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games that are easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults to play.

Thanksgiving Minute To Win It Games

Best Thanksgiving Games

Fun Thanksgiving Games are hard to come by. In between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving just doesn’t get enough attention. I thought we’d try to fix that problem by making up and sharing these awesome Thanksgiving games for the whole family with you. We are a family that loves having fun with each other. Whether it be for Thanksgiving Games , or hilarious Minute to Win It Games, like this post on Easy Minute to Win It Games that are simple enough for kids to play. Here, you’ll find Minute to Win It Holiday Games to Play for the whole family to enjoy. You might like other fun active games like Stuff the Turkey Game, or this fun Candy Ball Game that you have to unwrap to find prizes. As a family, we love to interact, and we definitely love to compete.

These fun Thanksgiving Family Games are the perfect games to play while you’re waiting for the delicious turkey and mashed potatoes. Or, play these hilarious Thanskgiving Minute to Win It Games after the meal while you wait for that pumpkin pie to finish cooling off.

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Watch this VIDEO to help you decide which Fall or Thanksgiving-themed Minute to Win It games to try at your party.

These Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games have a fall theme, but you can adapt most of them for any party…

What are Minute To Win It Games?

A while back the network NBC hosted a game show called Minute To Win It. Contestants tried to complete challenges in under 1 Minute. When they completed the challenge correctly, they were able to advance to the next level.

Games started as low-level like level 1 games and moved to higher-level (more difficult) games. The players were there to ultimately win a cash prize.

Some challenges were played out with one player and some were played with two people.

Today, most people play these fun and hilarious games at birthday partiesgroup events, Christmas celebrations, Thanksgiving holidays, and church functions

How to Play Minute to Win It Games

There are a few ways that you can play Minute to Win it Games. In smaller groups, you will probably have everyone competing against each other.

In Minute to Win It Games, big groups choose their best players to compete against players from other teams.

Playing with One Player at a Time Version (Small Groups)

A player will go up against the clock. Tasks must be completed in under 1 minute. If they perform the task in under one minute – you can award a certain number of points.

Tasks that are not completed in under a minute by either team – The player that does the best, will get the points.

Playing with Large Groups

One player per team will go head to head. The players should swap out for each game so everyone has had a turn to compete at least once for their team.

Scoring Minute to Win It Games –

  • If you finish first, you get 3 points, which is the most possible.
  • The second team to finish gets 2 points for their team
  • The third team to finish gets 1 point for their team
  • Everyone else gets zero points

Here’s what a scoreboard might look like at the end of the night for a Minute To Win It Team Competition

scoring Minute to Win It games

Keeping Track of Your Score

I have found that an easel or a big whiteboard is a great way to keep track of team points

Here are my top Amazon Links for scoring your Minute To Win It Game

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Let’s get to the Thanksgiving Family Games

First Up

Thanksgiving Game 1 – Turkey Leg Wrap

  • Difficulty Level – Easy
Thanksgiving minute to win it game

We tried a couple of different variations of this game.

thanksgiving family game to play

We started with brown streamer paper and ended up using burlap instead. We found that burlap was slightly more durable than the streamer we needed. The brown streamer is difficult to find unless you order it online.

Supplies for Turkey Leg Wrap

  • A roll of brown burlap (about 20 ft.) or streamer paper
  • A chef hat
  • A timer

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Players Needed per team…

  • 2

How to Play

  • Players should wrap their teammates with brown burlap and place a chef hat on their heads. This represents a turkey leg and should be done in under a minute.
  • *The burlap can get itchy, so long sleeves and pants are a good idea

Thanksgiving Game 2 – Sweet Potato Roll – or Traffic Yam

Watch this video showing Traffic Yam

  • Difficulty Level – Difficult 
traffic yam game

Supplies for Sweet Potato Roll

  • Sweet Potatoes – 1 per player
  • Wooden Spoons – 1 per player
  • Masking tape

Number of players per team – 1

traffic yam race


Set up…

  • For each team – Make straight lines with your masking tape that are at least 12 feet long
  • *Slight modification to make this game easier…The last time we played this game we made a lane for each potato by taping 2 lines about 1 foot apart. 1 lane per player.

Instructions for Sweet Potato Roll

over 10 thanksgiving games

  • Players should slowly roll the sweet potatoes down the line
  • If the sweet potato falls off the line or lane, players must roll it back and continue.
  • *No sliding the sweet potato with the spoon

Alternate version od Traffic Yam – use their noses to roll the sweet potato

Thanksgiving Game 3 – Football Stack It!

  • Difficulty level – easy-moderate 
football minute to win it fall game

Supplies for Football Stack

(1 player per team)

  • 6 brown plastic cups
  • white chalk marker
  • 3 paper plates – large enough for 2 cups to fit on


  • Get your cups ready by drawing the laces on them with the white chalk marker
  • When you all are ready to go, have players stack the cups starting with 1, then a plate, 2 more cups, plate, 1 cup, plate, 2 cups
  • All in under 1 minute
fall minute to win it games with kids

Thanksgiving Game 4 – Match Maker

This is my favorite game!

match maker candy corn game

This game is in our favorite Minute to Win It Games List. It’s easy, fun, and challenging for every age. 

Watch this video on how to play – Match Maker…

  • Difficulty Level – Easy 

(1 player per team)


Here’s what you’ll need for this fun Fall Minute To Win It Game to Play…

  • 20 plastic cups
  • 18 pieces of fall candy – 9 of one kind, 9 of another

fall minute to win it game match maker

Setting Up for Match Maker

  • place the candy under 18 of the cups – 1 piece under each cup
  • place the last 2 cups – upright, across the room


  • Players should quickly uncover candy, one cup at a time, and sort them into two cups across the room.

Thanksgiving Game 5 – Suck it Up!

Watch this Video for Suck It Up

  • Difficulty Level – moderate to difficult 

(1 player per team)


Here’s what you’ll need for this kid-friendly Minute to Win It Game

  • bendable straws
  • M&Ms in fall colors – we used 5 per plate
  • paper plates
  • optional – play dough – only for super challenging games


suck it up game for fall

  • Set paper plates a good distance apart
  • It’s difficult to maintain suction for long distances, so adjust it based on your players’ ages.
  • In one of the paper plates, set out the candy and place a straw nearby
  • To begin, players should move all their candy from one plate to another in one minute. They must use their straw to suck up the candy.

Game Variation

Set up the game in its original form…

suck it up fall teen game to play

  • Place 4 bendable straws standing upright and have teens or adults place their candy on top of the straws – this is so hard to do
  • You could adjust the difficulty level by requiring more candy be transferred

Thanksgiving Game 6 – Candy Corn Shake

Watch this video for Candy Corn Shake Thanksgiving Game

  • Difficulty Level – Easy-Moderate

(1 player per team)


Here’s what you’ll need for this fun family Minute to Win It Game…

  • 5 plastic cups
  • 15 pieces of candy corn
  • card stock
  • glue


candy corn shake Thanksgiving game

Setting up…

  • place candy corn into cups with 1 in a cup, 2 in the next cup, 3 in the next cup, 4, then 5
  • Cover the opening with card stock and glue – write a little number of how many candy corns are inside for your eyes only


  • Players should shake the cups and order them in order 1-5 candy corn
fall minute to win it party game for kids

Thanksgiving Game 7 – Shake Ya’ Tail Feather 

shake your tail feathers minute to win it games

Shake Ya’ Tail Feather Game  is an alternative version to Junk in the Trunk

  • Difficulty Level – Easy

(1 player per team)


Here’s what you’ll need for this super fun Minute to Win It Game

  • an empty tissue box – the rectangle kind
  • pantyhose
  • 1 bag of feathers
  • scissors and tape
assembling the shake your tail feather game

Setting up

  • Assemble the tissue box like above with the legs for the hose extending out of the backside
  • Fill the tissue box with feathers
Shake Ya Tail Feather Minute to Win It Thanksgiving Games to Play


  • When you’re ready, players should shake their tail feathers – emptying feathers out of the box
  • The team with the fewest feathers in their box or the team that empties it first wins in under one minute.

Thanksgiving Game 8 – Pie Face

  • Difficulty Level – Easy

(1 player per team)


Here’s what you’ll need for this fun Minute To Win It Game to play with the family…

  • foil pie plates – 3 per team
  • 5 candy corn, 5 pumpkin-shaped candy corn
  • whipped topping
pie face - minute to win it game for party

Set up…

minute to win it game pie face

  • place all 3 foil pie plates down
  • set the candy into the center pie plate
  • Add whipped topping to cover the candy


  • Players should use only their mouths to find the candy corn and put them on a foil plate.
  • and the pumpkin to another
  • The first one done wins
yank me minute to win it game for kids

Thanksgiving Game 9 – Yank Me!

Watch this video for Yank Me

  • Difficulty Level – Moderate 

(1 player per team)

yank me minute to win it game


Here’s what you’ll need for this Minute to Win It Game for All Ages…

  • 3 plastic cups
  • 2 pieces of card stock

Set up…

  • Just set out materials


  • Players should yank the card stock out from between the cups
  • If they are quick enough the cups should stack up without toppling over

Thanksgiving Game 10 – Defy Gravity

  • Difficulty Level – Moderate to Difficult 

(1 player per team – although you could add as many as you want per team)


Here’s what you’ll need for this fun kid-friendly Minute to win it game…

  • 1 balloon per player – blown up and tied


  • Players should – only using one hand (the same one) keep a balloon in the air for 1 whole minute
  • *The original game is keeping 3 balloons in the air for 1 whole minute, which is next to impossible
minute to win it game defy gravity game for kids

More Thanksgiving Games You’ll Love

Watch this Video for More Minute to Win It Game Ideas

Find these and more Family Minute to Win It Games

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do

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