37 of the Best Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family

These Thanksgiving Day Game Ideas will keep you active while you wait for the Thanksgiving meal. They are so much fun and really easy to set up. Enjoy and appreciate some fun time together on Thanksgiving Day.

Best Thanksgiving Games

Our family loves to play holiday games. When playing Thanksgiving Games, our checklist is that it has to be fun and fun for all ages like this post on Hilarious Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games

Do you ever feel like between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving gets lost in the mix? Black Friday doesn’t even wait until Thanksgiving is over anymore. It’s too bad because it’s such an important holiday and a fun day to create memories with family and the food is fantastic!

Speaking of Thanksgiving food, you can play these games while you want on all of that delicious juicy turkey, and classic stuffing, or while you are waiting for that delicious dessert to be served up.

Thanksgiving Games for the family
candy corn ring toss game for fall and Thanksgiving


Candy Corn Ring Toss

Have fun ringing these traffic cones turned into candy corn. Easy to set up and so much fun to play. Using glow necklaces and glow-in-the-dark paint turns this game into a fun nighttime game to play.

Found on Kid Friendly Things To Do

Over 13 Really Fun Thanksgiving Family Games to Play for Kids, Teens and Adults - Make some memories with these DIY ideas - www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com


Stuff the Turkey Game

Stuff the Turkey with paper stuffing that resembles bread, onions, and celery. This is so much fun to play and only takes minutes to set up.

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pumpkin sweep Thanksgiving game to play


Pumpkin Sweep

This game is so much fun to play. Race across the yard with brooms and pumpkins for this fun game!

Find the tutorial on Kid Friendly Things To Do

Over 13 Really Fun Thanksgiving Family Games to Play for Kids, Teens and Adults - Make some memories with these DIY ideas - www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com


Shake Your Tailfeathers

This post has 12 Super-looking Thanksgiving Minute Win It Games to play with family and friends on Thanksgiving

found on Play, Party, Plan

Over 13 Really Fun Thanksgiving Family Games to Play for Kids, Teens and Adults - Make some memories with these DIY ideas - www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com


Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe. What a fun idea. You could just set this game out on a card table inviting people to play as they wait on the yummy food.

found on blue i style


Poop the Potato

This game is hilarious and it is perfect for a Thanksgiving Game or Christmas Game to play! Clench the potato and release it into the bucket. I think all ages would enjoy this game, but this is really a fun Adult Thanksgiving Game to Play

Find the tutorial at Daily Mail


Turkey Balloon Race

Race the turkey balloons to the finish line at the end of the strings.

Get the Tutorial from Preschool Play and Learn


Chase the Turkey Game

A fun game of tag using turkey cut-outs. The winner gets a prize for winning this fun Thanksgiving

Get the Tutorial on Get Your Holiday On

Thanksgiving game to play


Thanksgiving Baster Relay

Use turkey basters to blow feathers across the table in this fun Thanksgiving game!

found on The Inspired Treehouse

 Thanksgiving Family Games to Play


Thanksgiving Pictionary

Everyone loves a fun dictionary game to play at any holiday!

found on Somewhat Simple

Thanksgiving game


Pumpkin Bowling

This is such a great idea! Set up a fun bowling station in your backyard and pray for great weather so you can have tons of fun bowling in the backyard on Thanksgiving

found on The Polo House

Over 13 Really Fun Thanksgiving Family Games to Play for Kids, Teens and Adults - Make some memories with these DIY ideas - www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com


Turkey Tag

The kids will be running around the yard like little turkeys in this fun game of turkey tag.

found on Teach Beside Me

Thanksgiving game


Turkey Bowling

Another Thanksgiving Bowling game. This one you can play indoors as you knock down turkeys.

find on The Seasoned Mom

Thanksgiving Family Games to Play


Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Split off and hunt around the neighborhood for everything on the list for this fun scavenger hunt.

find on The Taylor House

Fun Thanksgiving Family Games


Candy Corn Guessing Game

Oh wow. Test your guessing ability with this old-fashioned classic Thanksgiving Game

find on BH&G

Thanksgiving game


Shooting Turkeys Game

This game would be so much fun to play. Imagine balloons bopping every which way as you try to aim and shoot the turkey targets.

find on A Girl and a Glue Gun

Thanksgiving game


A Family Scavenger Hunt

Another scavenger hunt, but this time you are searching for printable turkeys all over the yard!

find on The Dating Divas

 Thanksgiving Family Games to Play for Kids


Minute to Win It with a Fall Theme

We love Minute to Win It Games. They are hilarious and so competitive!

find on Play, Party, Plan

Thanksgiving Family Games to Play for Kids


Balance the Pumpkin Walk

Balancing a little pumpkin on your head is harder than it looks. This is such a fun and challenging Thanksgiving game for all ages.

find on Pen + Paper Flowers


Pumpkin Relay Races

Find a few great ideas on how to make a relay race with pumpkins

Get the instructions on The Inspired Treehouse

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Candy Corn Stacking Game

Try to make your stacked candy corn look like an ear of corn. How fun!

Find the instructions on One Ash Homestead


Candy Corn Relay Race

Have a rip-roaring relay race with candy corn in the fun fall game to play

Find instructions on Inspired Treehouse


Pick a Pumpkin

Kids get a chance to pick a pumpkin and hope it’s the one with the big prize inside!

Find this fun game on Carnival Savers


Apple Toss

A good old-fashioned Apple Toss Game. This is a great fall or Thanksgiving indoor game or outdoor game to play

Find the instructions on Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Thanksgiving minute to win it game


Wrap the Turkey Leg

Part of our Minute to Win It Thanksgiving Games to play. Wrap the turkey leg is fun and hilarious!

Find it at Kid Friendly Things To Do


Pin the Beak on the Turkey

Instead of pinning the feather on the turkey – it’s pinning the beak. What a fun idea for a kid-friendly Thanksgiving game

Find it here on Great Wolf


Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

Kids toss leaf-shaped bean bags into pumpkins worth different point values. So fun!

Find this game on Positively Splendid


Pumpkin Gourd Bowling

It’s such a clever idea to use gourds for bowling pins for this fall game to play.

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Pumpkin Ring Toss

This is so fun. Use hula hoops to toss pumpkins.

Find the instructions on Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers


Pumpkin Walk

If you’re lucky, you’ll stop on the right pumpkin and win the prize with this fun fall game to play

Find it on Carnival Savers

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Pumpkin Mini Golf

So fun. Make mini golf stations out of artificial grass and fall props.

Find out how on The Hallmark Channel


Lollipop Pull

If you are lucky enough, you’ll pull a lollipop with a mark and win the prize in this fun fall game!

Find more on One Hip Mom


Apple Toss

Toss fake pumpkins into buckets for prizes. Such a fun fall game idea

Find the instructions on Carnival Savers


Lollipop Pumpkin Pull

How fun! Pull lollipops out of the pumpkin for a chance to win a prize. If your lollipop is marked, you win!

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Scarecrow Toss

Draw a scarecrow and cut a hole to make this bean bag toss.

Find out more on UCI Edu


Build a Scarecrow Race

This looks like so much fun! Have a build a build-a-scarecrow race for a fun fall or Thanksgiving game idea

Find out more on My Little Happies

More Thanksgiving Games You’ll Enjoy

Don’t they look like fun? I hope you found one or more than one for your Thanksgiving with friends and family this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do

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