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A sentimental gift from kids. Make a personalized Mitten Blanket for your loved ones this winter. The perfect gift idea from kids at Christmas.

heated blanket gift idea from kids

Blanket – Gift Idea from Kids at Christmas

You’ll Need:

  • A cozy blanket – I bought heated blankets for the grandparents
  • Felt material – enough for mittens from each child and a heart in the center
  • Yarn
  • Stitching needle with an eye big enough to thread the yarn



  • Cut mittens (one for each child), and a heart out of felt.
  • Use yarn to stitch the kid’s names onto each mitten.
  • Then, stitch the kid’s mittens onto the blanket.
  • Finally, stitch the heart in the middle
  • There you have it, a sweet gift for grandparents, teachers, or anyone that needs a cozy reminder of love for them

Tip for Teacher Gift:

  • If I were going to do this for a teacher, I would make a circle of mittens around the blanket, with the year on the heart in the middle. Large picture, below:

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com

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