Candy Bar Snowman with Gloves Hat | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Candy Bar Snowman with Gloves Hat | Kid Friendly Things To Do

This Candy Bar Snowman Craft with gloves for a hat is adorable and practical. Perfect for a holiday gift to give away or a classroom craft to make at holiday parties. It’s easy to make with the kids and so cute!

candy bar snowman craft

Candy Bar Snowman with Gloves Hat

candy bar snowman with gloves

How cute are these little guys? With a set of mittens on top for a hat, they make a great Christmas gift. Of course, the candy bar inside helps sweeten the gift even more.

how to make a chocolate bar snowman

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Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Making a Candy Bar Snowman…

  • feel free to use any type of candy bar – I used a Hershey’s bar, but this craft is completely costumizable
  • white cardstock is a great idea for the paper – It folds just like a thick wrapping paper
  • you can use scotch tape to secure the paper and decorations, a low temp. glue gun, or tacky glue – like Fabri-tac
  • use a sharpie for the snowman’s buttons, or black buttons
  • you don’t have to add the scarf ribbon and the buttons below it – It’s just an added touch
  •  get your mittens at the Dollar Tree – they are only $1 for a set and they have several cute pairs to choose from

Are you ready to make this cute Candy Bar Snowman? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need…

You’ll Need:

  • 6 inch by 6 inch white card stock – for a full size Hershy Bar, I cut about a 6 inch by 6 inch square
  • Sharpies – black and orange
  • ribbon for a scarf
  • string
  • a candy bar like a full size Hershey’s bar

How Do You Make a Candy Bar Snowman?


  • wrap the candy bar in the card stock, just like you would a present
  • tape to secure – you can leave one end untaped so the candy bar slides out easily, but be sure to tape the bottom so it doesn’t slide out and break
  • set the mittens out so they are evenly lined up  – one on top of the other
  • tie a string around them – just below the fingers and tie into a knot
  • slide one of the mittens over your wrapped candy bar
  • decorate with a black Sharpie for eyes, and mouth
  • use an orange Sharpie for the carrot nose
  • optional: add a ribbon just under the mouth to represent the scarf
  • just under the ribbon, add more black circles for the buttons

a candy bar snowman and gloves

That’s it! Happy Holidays!




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