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Make this Reindeer Craft for Kids to hand out to friends, or hand them out to all of your friends. These Rudolph Lollipops are so easy to make, and would make the perfect craft for school parties or a Christmas goody bag. Come on in and I’ll share how you can whip up a team of Reindeer Lollipops in no time at all…

Rudolph Lollipop Christmas Craft

Here’s a quick video to help you on your way to this easy Rudolph Lollipop

Isn’t it adorable? If you love simple, and sweet, then this is the craft for you.

Rudolph craft for christmas

Another great bonus to this adorable reindeer is that you can easily make a dozen in under 30 minutes.  These Reindeer Lollipops are the perfect fun and done Christmas treat to make for or with the kids. If you are looking for goody bag fun, then you can make a whole bag of reindeer lollipops to hand out to the kids.

Christmas craft for kids to make

This is a great one to let the kids help out with. If they can tie a bow, then they can make this craft with you. 

easy reindeer craft for kids

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Finally, here are the supplies needed and instructions for making Easy Rudolph Lollipop Crafts…

  • Chocolate Wrapped Lollipops
  • Red Yarn or ribbon – about 6 inches
  • Brown Pipe Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Glue – like a warm glue gun or tacky glue


  • For each lollipop…
  • Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half
  • Then grab one half and form a V
  • Finally, with your other half of the pipe cleaner, cut it into 2 more pieces for your antler stems
  • Lay your yarn out and then place your V-shaped pipe cleaner with the point over the yarn – directly in the middle of the yarn
  • Then place your lollipop onto the V-shaped pipe cleaner, so the top of the handle is just below the bottom of the V (refer to picture above)
  • Tie the yarn into a tight bow that will secure the lollipop and the pipe cleaner to the back of the stem
  • Finally, wrap the smaller 2 pieces of pipe cleaner around antlers above the lollipop to make antler stems
  • Then, adjust the antler to your liking – that’s it.
    ~Merry Christmas

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Happy Holidays – Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do 

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