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This Angel Ornament is such a sweet and easy Christmas Craft to make with the kids and preschoolers. Easily use items from around the house to make this Adorable Angel Ornament for your Christmas tree. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make it today…

Angel Ornament Craft for kids to make

I love the simple things in life.  This ornament is so easy to make with little kids. 

Here’s a quick video to get you started on this Easy Angel Ornament Christmas Craft

easy snack bag angel ornament for kids

They will love turning a simple snack bag and clothespin into a sentimental angel ornament for the tree.

Christmas Angel Craft

In no time at all you’ll have this angel smiling back at you all Christmas long. 

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easy angel ornament to make

Here are the supplies and instructions for making this Sweet Angel Ornament for Christmas…


  • Clothespin
  • White Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Fine Tip Black Sharpie
  • Snack bag
  • Scissors
  • 10 Cotton Balls
  • 4 inch of white pipe cleaner
  • Ribbon to hang the angel with – about 6 inches long
  • Glue – I used a warm glue gun, but you could use a tacky craft glue


angel cotton ball and snack bag craft

  • Paint the clothespins white and let dry
  • Cut the edging off of the snack bag – the portion that is above the seal
  • Fill the snack bag with about 10 cotton balls
  • Divide the cotton balls with 5 on each side of the bag and push a clothespin up between them
  • Decorate the face of the clothespin with the black marker
  • Turn the pipe cleaner into a halo by making a circle out of the top 1/3 of the pipe cleaner
  • Open the top of the clothespin and push the straight part of the pipe cleaner into the clothespin
  • Place the ends of the ribbon behind the pipe cleaner and glue to secure
    That’s it!



angle craft for Sunday School

This would also make a great Angel Sunday School Craft for Christmas 

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~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do

Snack Bag Angel Craft for Christmas

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