Haystack Bowling {Easy Fall Activity for Outdoor Fun} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Haystack Bowling {Easy Fall Activity for Outdoor Fun} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Haystack bowling is such a fun and easy way to get your friends and family into the spirit of fall. Actually, this would be a great activity for summer parties, too. Come on in and I’ll share how I set up Haystack Bowling for a fall party Idea

fall party idea

This is such an easy fall game to set up and provides hours of fun.

haystack bowling party game

I set this up for my daughter’s sweet sixteen party last year and the kids had a blast. We also had a bouncy house, a hay bale sofa (I added photos of that at the bottom of the post) for an outdoor movie, and a lot of other activities. Because their birthdays are only one week apart, we combined my nine years old’s party and hers on the same day. With the business of that day, I completely forgot to get photos of the kids playing it or a good vertical to share with you – for that matter.

fall game idea

It’s such a cinch to set up, you really don’t even need a visual.


Here’s what you’ll need to set up Haystack Bowling:

  • Hay bales – I used 9 straw bales
  • *you can use more if you want a longer alley
  • Bowling pins – I’ll supply the Amazon link to the exact ones that I purchased
  • Bowling ball or a pumpkin for bowling with

Here’s how to set up Hay Bowling:

  • I lined up 2 parallel rows of hay bales about 4 ft. apart
  • At the end of the parallel rows of hay, place another hay bale going the opposite direction
  • Set up the pins and set out the ball, and you are in business!

Here is the link I mentioned for you…

(affiliate link from Amazon)

[box] [/box]

Hay Bale Sofa Idea

Here’s the hay bale sofa that I made for our outdoor movie.

how to make a hay bale sofa

If you want to make one for your party…

  • Stack to bales of hay for the back rest – I wrapped them into a U shape and used 10 bales for the back rest
  • Add 1 bale of hay in front of each stack of two
  • So your guest don’t itch all night, add some blankets or cotton cloth as a barrier
  • I decorated the back with some Dollar Store leaf garlands and added a Cracker Barrel Checkerboard and another hay bale for added fun

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