Wine Cork Forest Animals Craft

Do you save your wine corks? I do! I always look at them as a memory that I shared with friends or family. I always knew that my saved wine corks would go toward a fun craft or project, but I never thought that I’d be making cute little forest animals with them. That is until I saw the idea in a magazine I discovered at our library. 

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft -
Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft –


I mean, really…how cute are these little guys?! My kids are loving these and we have plans to make more cute little animals. Why didn’t I think of this, before?

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.comAnd, they’re really simple to make. Let me show you how:

You’ll need:

  • wine corks
  • warm glue gun and glue sticks
  • black beads of various sizes
  • felt, white, light brown, and oatmeal
  • brown buttons for the owl eyes
  • stiff white rope or something similar like floss for the bunny whiskers

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft -


  •  you’ll want to cut a piece of felt that will fit snuggly around your cork, and stick up a little at the top for long pointy ears
  • Cut a tail in a tear shape
  • Cut the white pieces like shown above, starting with the top white piece:
    – a white upside down trapezoid, for the foxes face mask
    – a white triangle for the snout
    – and a white piece that matches the point of the tail but has a jagged top 
  • You’ll need to black beads for the eyes and a smaller one for the nose


  • cut a white piece of felt that will fit snuggly around your cork, and this time will be the same length, as well
  • cut little bunny ears with white felt
  • cut whiskers from your rope (about an inch long) – I forgot to include them in my picture 🙁
  • you’ll need 2 black beads for the eyes


  • This is like the fox, in that you’ll have a longer piece of felt. Cut the white felt to fit snug around your cork, but extends taller
  • Make little hearts out of the oatmeal felt that are long for wings
  • Use the brown felt to cut out a triangle beak
  • Grab your buttons for the eyes

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft -


  • Glue the brown felt around the cork
  • Make a wide V in the front of the extended felt to make a space between the ears. Continue to make the ears by cutting the other side of the point and trimming the back so it’s level with the cork
  • Glue the white piece of felt that you cut out for the tail onto the brown tail
  • Assemble the rest like the image above


  • Glue the bunny ears to the top of your cork
  • Wrap the white felt around the cork and glue
  • Add beads and whiskers


  • Glue the white felt around the cork
  • Pinch the top of the felt together and cut a V right down the middle
  • Glue the front and back of your felt that’s left to make the ears
  • Glue the hears onto the owl with the pointed in glued down and heart pointing down for windgs
  • Glue the buttons and beak onto your owl


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