Santa-Tizer Printable – Kid Friendly Things To Do

Santa-Tizer is a great Christmas gift for teachers. It’s fun and so practical for classroom use. Santa-Tizer would be a great gift for anyone and perfect for a fun White Elephant gift exchange…

Santa-Tizer Printable

Santa-Tizer Printable

Santa-Tizer Gift Idea for Christmas

The printable can glue right over the label and instantly transform most hand sanitizer bottles


Now that we are deep into 2020, hand sanitizer is just about everywhere.

hand santa-tizer bottles

Hand Sanitizer used to come in one basic shape, but now so many companies are producing it – It’s taken on a lot of shapes.

hand santa-tizer bottles

I tried the old printable out on a few shapes and it worked great with each one. Hopefully, you can get the same result.

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Here are some Amazon Picks for this gift idea…

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How do you make Santa-Tizer?

  1. cut printables to the right size of the hand sanitizer bottle
  2. *for taller and wider branding, you may want to cut the printable with some of the white background in place to cover wording at the top and bottom of the frame
  3. Use a low temperature glue gun to glue the printable over the front of the hand sanitizer bottle

Free Santa-Tizer Printable

Click Here for Santa-Tizer Printable 

Merry Christmas!


~Melissa –

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