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Rudolph Treat Bags are a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Pass out Christmas treats in these simple to make Rudolph Bags. With a red lollipop nose and paper straw antlers, part of their fun treats is the bag itself. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make these cute bags for Christmas..

making Rudolph Treat Bags

Rudolph Treat Bags…

Easy to make Rudolph treat bags

This is such a simple craft to make with the kids. 

Rudolph treat bags

The nose and antlers are even little treats themselves.

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Here’s what you’ll need to make these Easy Treat Bags…

How to make Rudolph Treat Bags

  • Brown paper bags 
  • Red lollipops
  • Large Google Eyes
  • Christmas Paper Straws
  • Tape and Low Temp. Glue Guns
  • Christmas Tissue paper
making Rudolph Treat Bags

Here’s how to make these fun bags…

  • Glue the eyes onto the front of the bags 
  • Push the nose into the front of the bag and secure with glue
  • Open the bag
  • Cut little slits in the sides for the paper straw antlers
  • Push the straws into the sides and secure on the inside with a piece of tape 
  • Add some tissue paper
making Rudolph Treat Bags

  • That’s it! Merry Christmas! 

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