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If you don’t mind sacrificing a roll or two of toilet paper, these little toilet paper pumpkins are a sweet keepsake. Made with hand print leaves, this craft is one to cherish. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins are the perfect craft to make with the kids for fall. 

toilet paper pumpkin

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

pumpkin craft

I love walking by these Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins, and seeing the cute little hand prints leaves. It makes me smile, every time.

Tips and tricks for making Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins…

  • Use quilter’s batting to make the pumpkin shape more realistic and less like toilet paper
  • Before you cut the material, make sure that it is wide enough to pull up over the toilet paper and tuck into the center
  • You can replace the rope stem with cinnamon sticks
  • A curly stem can be made with bendable vine wire

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Here’s what you’ll need for your toilet paper pumpkin with hand print leaves:

Sweet Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin With Hand Prints for Leaves! Cute for fall and Thanksgiving crafts -
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Quilter’s Batting – cut into a strip about 16″ x 9″
  • A piece of fabric for the outside of the pumpkin – Cut into about 20″ x 20″ square
  • *I found the adorable ruffle polyester fabric at Walmart – in their fabric section
  • Green fabric for the leaves
  • A cardboard tube from an old roll of toilet paper
  • Rope
  • Optional: Floral Wire for the curly vine and a wire cutter
  • Warm glue gun and glue sticks


fabric pumpkins

  • Wrap the toilet paper in your strip of batting for some extra fluffiness
toilet paper wrapped in batting
  • Glue to secure
  • Set your toilet paper roll wrapped in batting into the center of your fabric square


  • Trace hand prints, and some of the wrist (about 2 in.) onto the green fabric, and cut those out


  • Take your cardboard tube, and fold it a couple of times so that it’s a skinny piece of rolled up cardboard
  • Wrap it in the rope, gluing to secure in several places
  • Glue the ends of the rope so that they won’t fray

Curly Stem:

  • Optional: Cut a piece of wire and twist it so it forms a curly piece of stem

Pulling it all together:

  • Now, pull the fabric up around the toilet paper and stuff the corners and edges inside the tube
  • Add the ends of the hand prints into the tube (the wrist section), the curly wire, and finally the rope covered cardboard
  • Bend the rope stem for an extra cute look
toilet paper pumpkin

  • And…You Are Done!

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