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Tape Mummies are an easy craft for little kids to make but still interesting enough for big kids to make, as well. Kids can get creative with their design by layering white tape or masking tape. This Tape Mummy Craft is so much fun to do

tape mummy craft

Mummy Craft

This Tape Mummy is a great activity to do with kids. It’s a fun way to get creative while practicing fine motor skills.

Masking tape mummy

I didn’t even have to use any drawing skills. I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter and traced it.

What’s a Good Template for Mummy Crafts?

  • A gingerbread man cookie cutter is the perfect shape for making it a great template for mummy crafts

Halloween mummy craft

Tips and Tricks for making a Tape Mummy

  • Use a gingerbread cookie cutter as a mummy template – just trace around the outside or inside of the cookie cutter
  • Use a white pencil or other contrasting color on black paper to trace with
  • You can tape the stencil before or after cutting it out – younger kids may want to decorate their stenciled mummy before cutting it out
  • If you tape the mummy before cutting it, be sure to do another outline over the tape so kids can see where to cut
  • Masking tape is easy to tear. White electrical tape will need to be cut with scissors
  • A great glue that sticks quickly is Fabri-Tac

easy mummy craft for kids

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Here’s What You’ll Need for this Simple Halloween Craft:

mummy craft for kids

  • Black paper – thick paper like cardstock
  • Suggested: Gingerbread man cookie cutter 
  • White pencil
  • Scissors 
  • Tape – Masking tape or white electrical tape work well for this craft


easy mummy craft with tape

  • Use a pencil or a white colored pencil to trace the gingerbread cookie onto black paper
  • Cut the shape out
  • Use strips of tape to tape your mummy, going back and forth and even in diagonal slants across the cut out
  • Bend the back of any extra tape to the back of the cut out
  • Add google eyes with glue

*Alternative for younger kids:

  • You can let the kids tape the shape before it is cut out
  • Trace the cut out again over the tape and cut it out
  • Glue eyes on mummy


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