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Turn Bottled Drinks into Ghosts For an Easy Halloween Party Drink Idea for Kids. These ghosts are so simple to make and adorable to look at. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make this Halloween Party Drink Idea for Kids

Halloween Drink Idea for Kids


All you’ll need for this Halloween Drink Idea is some ghostly fabric and a sharpie!

halloween drink idea that's non alcoholic

A few years ago, I made these for my fifth grade boy’s school Halloween party. The school really is not allowing a whole lot, in the way of fun food. The drinks are also limited. My mission was to make what they could have…water into something fun.  I knew I didn’t want to take the time to wrap the water bottles into mummies, so I thought of simple ghost bottles.

easy halloween drink idea for party

They are so easy to make and the kids loved them.

halloween party drink idea

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Here the supplies and instructions for this Halloween Drink Idea…

  • Water bottles or another bottled drink
  • White Fabric cut into squares that are about 4 inches longer than your bottled drinks
  • Black Sharpie
  • optional – A warm (low temp) glue gun, and glue sticks


ghost bottled drinks for halloween

  • Cut your fabric squares
  • Place them over the bottled drinks and draw a ghost face with your Sharpie
  • You can choose to glue the fabric to the top of the lids for easier transport or leave them “as-is”
  • You can also add more decorations like angry eyebrows, or several black holes like the ghost in Charlie BrownThat’s it!



Here are the original Water Bottle Ghosts from the party…


Transform water bottles into fun spooky ghosts for a fun kid friendly Halloween party drink!


I used a different white fabric the first time that I made the Water Bottle Ghosts.

Easy Water Bottle Ghosts & Charlie Brown Ghosts For Halloween Party Drinks! -

I thought a couple of Charlie Brown Ghosts would be fun too.


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Easy Water Bottle Ghosts For Halloween Party Drinks! -


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