Kool-Aid “Love Potion” Valentine’s Day Gift

Here’s an idea I saved from the kid’s School Valentine exchange! I thought this was so cute, that I wanted to pass it along!


Make A Love Potion Valentine using Kool-Aid packet and Bottled Water


Kool-Aid Love Potion Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Here’s What You’ll Need for this gift idea…

  • small water bottles – one for each recipient
  • a box of Kool-Aid Singles (enough singles for each recipient)
  • Thick paper for the printer


  • Pair each water bottle with an individual Kool-Aid mix packet
  • Type a note that says…

Love Potion. To:                                 From:            

…just add Kool-Aid packet to the bottled water – close lid tightly – shake to mix the potion

  • Print your typed message off – as many as you’ll need
  • Cut the note into a rectangle – long and wide enough to fit over the original water bottle packaging
  • Glue the love potion note over the water bottle label
  • Tie the Kool-Aid packet to the bottle.

Make Love Potion Gifts from kool-aid packets and bottled water!


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