Love Bug Homemade Valentine’s Day Card

This sweet Valentine’s Day Paper Craft is so easy to make. Make this a special Homemade Valentine’s Day Card for mom, dad, friends and loved ones. This cute Love Bug Valentine even has hidden messages that are revealed when you lift up the Love Bug’s wings. Come on in and I’ll share this cute Valentine’s Day Craft with you…

Valentines Day Love Bug Craft

Homemade Valentine’s Day Card:

homemade Valentine's Day Card

I love that the kids can make little love notes under the wings for an extra special surprise. Homemade Valentine’s Day gifts like this Valentine’s Day cand dog, or Hershey’s Kiss mice are such a sweet gesture. I know they are always my favorite.

Paper Valentine's day Craft

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Here’s What You’ll Need to Make this Love Bug Craft:

  • Construction paper
  • Heart stickers of various sizes
  • 1 piece of pipe cleaner cut in half and folded into a V for the antenna (Black or Valentine’s Day Colors)
  • Google eyes – I like the really big ones – about 1 inch wide
  • Markers for the mouth and notes
  • Scissors
  • Glue – Unless you get the self-adhesive eyes. If you need glue…I love Fabri-Tac Glue for this project, but you can use any type of kid-friendly glue that you have
  • Optional: Velcro stickers to hold down the wings and hide the messages

Instructions for this Homemade Valentine’s Day Card:

Homemade Valentine's Day Card

  • Fold the paper in half and cut out a large heart for the kids to decorate
  • Fold the wings over and let the kids write messages under them
  • Decorate with stickers using one large heart sticker for the head
  • Stick the antenna under the top of the Heart Stickers that you used as the head, and add the Googly eyes
  • Use Fabri-tac or putty to hold the wings in place, but don’t seal them
  • Recipients can open the wings to see their message!

Homemade Love Bug Paper Craft

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