Fun Cookie Cutter Crescent Shapes {For Breakfast}

Crescent dough is just like cookie dough. Shape Crescent Dough for a fun breakfast treat for the kids.

This is so much fun! Shape crescent dough with cookie cutters, decorate, and enjoy for a fun breakfast or anytime snack! -

Crescent Roll Cookie Cutter Shapes

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  • crescent roll dough
  • cookie cutters
  • cloves, chocolate chips, candy, sprinkles, etc…(for decorating)


  • Just roll out the crescent dough, and the kids can use cookie cutters to make shapes
  • Decorate with anything you can think of
  • *We used cloves for eyes, but you could use chocolate chips, M&Ms, candy corn, etc…


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So Easy...So Cool! Shape Crescent Dough With Cookie Cutters For A Fun Breakfast Treat!

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