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Making this Christmas Button Ornament is so easy. You’ll be done in a snap and hanging the cutest ornament on your tree. Easy enough for kids to help. 

DIY Button ornament with kids

Making a Christmas Ornament out of Buttons

Button ornament with kids

Tips and Tricks for making a Button Ornament with Kids for Christmas:

  • Have lots of buttons for the kids to choose from of various sizes
  • Use a small Styrofoam ball – Once you get started you’ll thank me. A 1&1/2 inch ball will take close to 3o buttons which is easy-peasy and fast
  • Use any color of buttons – You don’t have to do traditional Christmas colors to make a beautiful button ornament
  • Change up the button sizes – use various sizes for a fun and adorable ornament
making a button ornament

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Here’s what You’ll Need to make this Button Ornament:

  • Buttons – about 30 (traditional type with button holes on the front)
  • Push Pins – 30 or more
  • Styrofoam Ball (1&1/2 inches in diameter) – Smaller the better. It takes a lot of buttons to cover one ball
  • Ribbon for hanging


making button ornaments

  • Set the buttons and pins out for kids to use
  • Start by placing a button on the ball and pushing a pin into the hole of the button to secure the button in place
  • Keep going until the ball is covered in various sizes of buttons
  • -place one or more push pins into the ornaments
  • Place a ribbon loop onto the ball with a pin
  • Tie a bow

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com

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